Have you met Emerson Flores?

Get to know a little bit more about the staff at UAI.

09 July 2020

UAlberta International has a friendly team of professionals that focus on various areas of work that support internationalization at UAlberta. Let's spend a few minutes getting to know Emerson, Financial Administrator!

What do you like most about your work at UAlberta?
This is my first position with the University of Alberta, and I could not be happier to have the opportunity to work for such an important institution. It has certainly been an interesting 9 months here, and every day there is a learning opportunity. That is my favourite part about working at UAlberta. The day's are never dull and things come up that require quick- thinking and problem solving to address. The day also flies by!

What different languages do you speak?
I grew up speaking Spanish at home with my family. I have developed this skill to a comfortable conversational level, but I could always use more practice. It's certainly come in handy when going on vacations to Mexico!

What motivates you?
Over my years as a professional in my field I've learnt that providing useful information that has an impact on the organization as a whole, be it big or small, is very important to me. If I'm able to help out one person make a decision that has a positive outcome, then I'm fulfilled in the work I'm doing. I'm lucky to say that most days are filled with opportunities to achieve this. Hand-in-hand with that, I really enjoy being able to help answer questions. In Finance, we have a knowledge-base that enables success for the other units. Being able to find solutions for the team is very motivating!

What's the best piece of professional advice you've ever received?
I was once told by a mentor to never let anyone else define what success means to you. This piece of advice has stuck with me and I find myself coming back to it consistently. I remind myself that so long as I am having a positive impact, accomplishing the goals I set out for myself, and being a valuable member of the team then things are going pretty well!