Have you met Emilia Monkiewicz?

Get to know a little bit more about the staff at UAI.

09 July 2020

UAlberta International has a friendly team of professionals that focus on various areas of work that support internationalization at UAlberta. Let's spend a few minutes getting to know Emilia, Summer & Group Study Programs Coordinator!

What different languages do you speak?
I also speak Polish. I was actually born in Gdansk, Poland and moved here when I was a child when my family immigrated in the 90's.

What previous position have you held that contributes most to your position at UAI?
I started my career at UAlberta in the Registrar's Office as an International Admissions Advisor. After 3 years I moved over to the Faculty of Arts as an International Student Advisor. Both roles helped me become familiar with the different services and responsibilities of each office. Knowing how the RO and the Faculties operate really help me with my current role and my ability to help students.

What led you to this career?
After working for 5 years as a Passport Officer helping Canadians travel, I left to start my career at UAlberta. I think very early on, I said to myself "I'll probably retire here". The campus community and the opportunities for advancement and learning are not like anything I have ever been a part of. After working on campus for a few years helping international students, completing my master's, and learning the ropes of UAlberta, I set my eyes on UAI. I heard many great things and it seemed like the perfect place for me. And now I get to help students study and travel abroad!

What's the best piece of professional advice you've ever received?
Never allow yourself to become complacent in a role. If you're not happy at work it can spill over into other aspects of your life. Start with having a talk with your supervisor about things you can do that bring you a sense of purpose or joy in your work.