CIL Grad

UAlberta International congratulates the Certificate in International Learning graduates of fall 2020!

20 November 2020

Congratulations to all UAlberta students who are convocating today with the Certificate in International Learning (CIL)! We are proud to share that 11 of you are convocating with the CIL and bringing our CIL alumni family to a total of 399.

By pursuing this program, you've demonstrated that you are curious and globally-minded, seeking out opportunities and undertakings that will ultimately ground your future aspirations. You've shown that you're committed and dedicated to the intercultural understanding that enriches the fabric of our campuses and contributes to a more peaceful world.

It's true that you've faced some challenges this year - with the on-going COVID-19 disruption - but in the face of unprecedented events, you've proven to be adaptable and flexible in your approach, which is required of a true global leader.

As you celebrate your convocation online with the university community, you can do so with pride in all you've accomplished, including earning the CIL. The university community applauds you and we look forward to seeing all that you can achieve as you set out to discover your next steps.

Congratulations to our CIL recipients for fall 2020!

Cen Huang

Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President (International)