Intercultural Training

Intercultural training can provide faculty, staff, and students with knowledge to equip them for success in today's increasingly global and interconnected environment.

Whether you wish to get some guidance on etiquette for hosting international colleagues, tips for success in communicating with an international partner, or resources to assist your students in intercultural settings, UAlberta International is here to help. 

UAlberta International can provide advising and guidance for faculty, staff, and students on intercultural training that can be applied to many different academic, personal, and workplace settings.

These are just some of the learning opportunities available; we also host and promote various events throughout the year with an intercultural focus.

Global Perspectives (EXT 300)

A 3-credit online course for students to learn more about intercultural communication. 

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Professional Short Course: Mastering Diplomacy & Protocol

Become an international ambassador for your professional organization. 

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International Week

I-Week is for everyone! Join us to engage with today's most pressing global issues during this major annual event.

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Certificate in International Learning

An embedded certificate program for undergraduate students with a big world view.

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U of A Plus Program

Provides intercultural academic training to new international undergraduate students.

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Edmonton culture & lifestyle guide 

This guide provides detailed information about cultural adjustment and life in Canada that can help incoming students and visitors.

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