About UAlberta International

Tools and Advising Support for Faculties and Offices

UAlberta International is pleased to provide resources for international advising, assistance, and support to all faculties and offices at UAlberta, including:

  • Support and advice regarding best practices for communicating with and advising prospective, incoming, and current international students 
  • Online and print tools to complement international recruitment efforts
  • Guidance and support tools for current international students 
  • One-on-one advising and funding for education abroad experiences for student groups
  • Intercultural training and advice on connecting with international counterparts 
  • Connections with funding opportunities that can help you enhance work with international students and counterparts

UAlberta International Viewbooks & Brochures for student recruitment

Preparation Bulletins for incoming international undergraduate & graduate students

Go Abroad Program Finder

Certificate in International Learning for undergraduate students

Information for incoming international research interns

Virtual events for international recruitment and advising