GOAL: Experience diverse and rewarding learning opportunities that inspire us, nurture our talents, expand our knowledge and skills, and enable our success.

In 2019-20, UAlberta International...

...provided a wide range of services to promote student success.

Welcome Services

UAlberta International offered a suite of welcome services to new international students, including:

  • Airport Welcome in collaboration with Edmonton postsecondaries: welcomed 767 UAlberta students
  • Campus Check-In: served 600 UAlberta students
  • Transitions Orientation: 1,339 students registered
  • Parent Orientation: attended by 119 parents from 12 countries
  • U of A Plus: attended by 45 students

International Student Tax Clinic

The Tax clinic ran for 16 days with 18 volunteers; in which one to one service was provided to 1,021 students. The program served over 50% more students than in 2018-19.

I-Work! Career Preparation Workshops & Conference

UAlberta International collaborated with the UAlberta Career Centre to offer programming to enhance international student graduate employment outcomes. The I-Work! series of eight workshops welcomed 248 student participants.

Peer Program

90 senior students were matched with 313 newly admitted students who participated in 11 events throughout the year.

Share the Cheer

Share the Cheer, which matches volunteer campus hosts with international students to share a holiday meal over the winter break, had 96 hosts from staff, faculty, the Senate, and graduate students welcome 308 student guests.

English Conversation Club

English Convocation Club was held as a casual, drop-in opportunity (weekly for three hours) for degree-seeking students to improve their ability to converse in English and to develop knowledge of the language and cultural conventions necessary to take an active part in discussions. On average, students attended 3.5 sessions.

In total 303 unique students attended and on average there were 45 students per session.

Welcoming Newcomers Project

UAlberta welcomed recipients of the President's Award for Refugees and Displaced Persons, as well as the World University Services of Canada (WUSC )/SU levy supported refugee student. The five recipients of the President's Award are from South Sudan, Somalia (two), Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. UAlberta International assists these students in a number of ways, including through a program that recruits and trains volunteers to support them. This year, 28 volunteers supported the President's Award recipients.


...offered programming that enriched intercultural learning and global citizenship at UAlberta.

International House Programming

International House, a joint project between UAI and Residence Services, is home to 154 student residents. UAlberta International develops and delivers programs focused on intercultural and global leadership competencies and trains and mentors the student leadership team. In 2019-20, International House residents engaged in 99 events with a total attendance of 2,027.

In September 2019, International House celebrated its 15 year anniversary at UAlberta.

The Global Leadership Intentional Development (GLIDe) program at International House continued, with 36 individuals participating at various levels for a total of 787 hours of participation.

Certificate in International Learning

Established in 2013, the Certificate in International Learning (CIL) provides an opportunity for all undergraduates to gain recognition for their international learning and enhance their intercultural competencies. The CIL is an embedded certificate granted by the Faculty of Arts. UAIberta International, in collaboration with the CIL Academic Advisor, is responsible for promotion and administration of the program.

10 students graduated with the Certificate in International Learning during Fall 2019 convocation, as well as 59 graduates during Spring 2019 convocation.

...facilitated pathways for UAlberta students to discover work, volunteer, and study abroad opportunities.

Education Abroad experiences

In 2019-20, UAlberta students participated in programs managed by UAlberta International as follows:

  • 82 in exchange programs
  • 59 in internship programs
  • 196 in short-term programs

In 2019-20, 505 students were placed in education abroad programs for 2020-21 - a 27% increase over the prior year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, these students may not be able to take up their international experience.

e3 Programs

UAlberta's e3 is a unique study and work abroad program that allows students the flexibility to choose from three experiences in one location: language study, international internships, and academic coursework.

Go Abroad Fair

The UAlberta Go Abroad Fair took place on September 19, with a record attendance of 1,400 students who had the chance to connect with 45 exhibitors.

Campus-wide Outreach & Support

  • Over an 11 day period in March, UAlberta International operated a 24/7 support centre to assist the 138 students who were abroad at the declaration of the global pandemic.
  • UAlberta International maintained an online searchable Program Finder containing over 250 campus-wide education abroad opportunities and delivered the Go Abroad e-newsletter to 7,000+ inboxes bi-weekly.
  • UAlberta International monitored global news for potential impact on students abroad, and reached out to registered student 50 times during the year to advise of precautions due to upcoming events or status updates after events occurred.
  • In 2019-20, UAlberta International disbursed education abroad funding of $1,248,339 to 754 students. $328,994 was secured from external sources.
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