GOAL: Sustain our people, our work, and the environment by attracting and stewarding the resources we need to deliver excellence to the benefit of all Albertans.

In 2019-20, UAlberta International...

...garnered revenue and resources that will contribute to ongoing and future activities.

  • UAlberta International generated $1.4 million in external revenue.
  • UAlberta International secured an external $160,000 grant to support the Canada Learning Initiative in China (CLIC).
  • UAlberta International secured $73,500 from the Government of Alberta through the Campus Alberta Grant for International Learning.

...undertook campus-wide communications activities to share information on topics related to internationalization.

  • UAlberta International delivered the "International Update" e-newsletter monthly to nearly 2,500 inboxes.
  • UAlberta International hosted six "International Update" sessions to share topics relating to international work and opportunities at UAlberta.
Strategic Planning
UAlberta International launched a strategic plan for 2020-2024 with a new vision: "Expanding horizons for a better world."