UAlberta International's Annual Report 2017-18

"Today, the University of Alberta is one of Canada's leading research universities. Standing with pride among the world's finest public institutions, the University of Alberta brings the ideas of Albertans to the world, and the world of ideas to Albertans."

- For the Public Good, UAlberta Institutional Strategy Plan

Ranked among the world's top 100 universities and #40 in the world's "most international" universities, UAlberta is connected to the world, supporting the creation of a vibrant international learning and research environment. As we strive to achieve the aspirations set out in "For the Public Good," internationalization can play a powerful role in the creation and delivery of compelling learning and research experiences.

There are many facets to internationalization at the University and all members of the university community contribute to our international success. This report highlights the contributions University of Alberta International made in 2017-18 to advancing international engagement.

UAlberta has cultivated a dynamic and active network of partners, students, and alumni around the globe that help us advance our many international aspirations. On campus, UAlberta proudly fosters an inclusive multicultural community of students, staff, and faculty in an environment that is open to diversity of culture, ideas, and reflections.

Welcoming international students and scholars, the university community gains from the chance to engage with new perspectives and cultural sharing. In delivering opportunities for work and study abroad, students gain access to transformational international experiences that will shape future educational pursuits and careers.

Through global engagement on campus, UAlberta creates an international environment rich with opportunities - from developing foreign language skills, partaking in meaningful discussions on global issues, to earning a specialized international credential, volunteering with international refugee scholars, and beyond.

It is through support and delivery of a versatile range of platforms, opportunities, and collaborations that UAlberta International strives to enhance the internationalization of the UAlberta experience for all members of the campus community.

In 2017-18, UAlberta International, together with partners on and off-campus, contributed to the support, facilitation, and delivery of services and opportunities aimed at enhancing international engagement, including:

  • Recruitment and welcoming of new international students

  • Programs and services to help international students to achieve their goals

  • Liaising and connecting with international partners and building new partnerships

  • Fostering community engagement and intercultural experiences

  • Development and management of education abroad experiences

As we reflect on the year, we thank all of the stakeholders and partners on and off-campus who also contributed to enriching the international dimension of learning, teaching, and research at UAlberta.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and invite new partners and collaborators to connect with us. We would be happy to work with you to achieve the international goals that you have established. Together, we can ensure the University continues to be a vibrant international learning and research environment.