GOAL: Build a diverse, inclusive community of exceptional students, faculty and staff from Alberta, Canada, and the world.

In 2018-19, UAlberta International...

...engaged in recruitment efforts that enhanced the diversity of the campus community.

Recruitment virtual events

UAlberta International coordinated online recruitment marketing events that facilitated high quality faculty engagement with students, including virtual open houses, faculty-specific virtual events, and topic-specific webinars for recruitment and study permit preparation. Altogether, these online events garnered more than 3,500 participants.

Adoption of new online systems for recruitment

UAlberta International adopted the use of Automated Lead Management and Customer Relationship Management systems, supporting the recruitment team to efficiently and effectively track and manage top student prospects.

Recruitment publications

The UAlberta International Undergraduate and Graduate Viewbooks were produced by UAlberta International using graphic design and content that was coordinated with domestic recruitment materials, contributing to a cohesive set of institutional recruitment materials with a consistent visual identity.

Sponsored student recruitment

The Sponsored Student Program, operated by UAlberta International, continued to identify and build relations with sponsoring agencies as well as deliver specialized services to sponsored students during the application period and through to graduation.

...enhanced pathways to connect researchers with funding opportunities.

UAlberta International developed an online international funding search tool to guide faculty towards a variety of international funding opportunities that may support their research. 

...welcomed scholars and students at risk in support of academic freedom.

UAlberta has welcomed five scholars through collaborative work with the Institute of International Education Scholar Rescue Fund. The purpose of this program is to provide a protected  place for scholars who live in war zones to continue their academic careers and an environment free of political turmoil, war, and other security threats that allows them to continue their academic work.

...facilitated new and ongoing agreements that offer new dynamics for teaching, research, and learning. 

Fulbright agreement renewal

UAlberta renewed its agreements with Fulbright Canada, which facilitate collaboration through the Visiting Research Chairs Program and the Killam Fellowships for undergraduate exchange with the USA. To profile the program, UAI coordinated a signing ceremony with the CEO of Fulbright Canada, together with a public talk by a Visiting Research Chair in December 2018.

Humboldt Foundation Liaison Office of Canada (HFLOC)

Serving as the Humboldt Foundation Liaison Office of Canada, UAlberta gave presentations at 6 universities across Canada to promote fellowship opportunities offered by the prestigious Humboldt Foundation of Germany.