COVID 19 Interim Measures

The requirements for the Certificate in International Learning have not changed. However, there have been some changes to how you can complete your requirements. Those changes are summarized below.

There have been no changes to the course or second language components of the CIL, which is why they are not discussed below.

Unless noted otherwise, the changes below are temporary responses to the current COVID-19 environment and will be reviewed when travel and in-person gatherings normalize.



An online, asynchronous version of Orientation has been released. Orientation will now run online and on-demand so that students can complete Orientation immediately upon enrolling in the program.

Current CIL students who need to complete Orientation have been sent instructions via email on how to self-enroll.

Students who are new to CIL will receive instructions about Orientation in their welcome email.


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Intercultural Communication Training

An online, partly-synchronous version of the intercultural communication training will be offered in the Fall 2020 term. Similar offerings may be given in the Winter 2021 term if in-person training is not possible.

The synchronous dates for the Fall (and possibly Winter) offerings will be listed in the CIL calendar as soon as they are set. CIL students will be invited to register via email.

As always, students may choose to satisfy the intercultural communication training component by completing EXT 300.


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Co-curricular Activities

Many events are now being held online. We are posting point-worthy virtual events in the CIL calendar and online portal. If you come across a virtual event that you think should count for co-curricular points, suggest it to us using the "create event" function of the CIL online portal. This must be done before the event occurs.

In addition, when the pandemic first hit, the CIL curated videos of past co-curricular events that students could watch and claim for points. Students graduating in June 2021 and beyond can claim up to 5 points from watching these videos. Find them by visiting the CIL online portal events list and look for events with the date of April 15, 2020. They are denoted by "(video)" at the end of the title.

International CIL students can also earn 10 co-curricular points by completing the fall term of the Multicultural Learning Pods program (details below). There is no way to participate "part-time" in the Multicultural Learning Pods program, so all 10 co-curricular points will be awarded at once at the completion of the term.


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Intercultural Experience

Study, work or volunteer abroad

If you were abroad and had to return to Canada because of COVID-19, please be in touch with us at

If you are looking for an abroad experience, a virtual abroad experience will also satisfy the intercultural experience requirement, and just as before, you can combine two abroad programs (virtual or otherwise) to reach the 6-week threshold.

Your virtual abroad program does not need to be a UAlberta-affiliated program but you should run any virtual abroad programs that you hope to use as part of the CIL by us first! We cannot guarantee credit for programs that are not pre-approved by our office.

UAlberta is offering the Virtual International Work Experience program. You could work for a German company from home! Visit UAlberta's Global Learning Without Travel Virtual Internship page for more information.


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100 hours of service with a cross-cultural agency

The only change to this option is that students may now complete two placements to reach the 100-hour threshold. Previously, all 100 hours had to be with one cross-cultural agency.

Students may complete their 100 hours remotely; however, their placement must still involve regular and direct contact with (an) individual(s) from (a) different cultural background(s).


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New programming: Multicultural Learning Pods

The Multicultural Learning Pods program is a CIL-run program meant to connect students from different cultural backgrounds. Participants in the program engage in semi-structured discussions and collaborative activities in the Fall term and then develop a multicultural project (distinct from the capstone project) in the Winter term.

This program requires advance registration and a time commitment of 100 hours over 6 months (October to March). It was built with intercultural contact and intercultural learning in mind and is considered the equivalent of "100 hours of service with a cross-cultural agency".

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