GLIDe Program


In a highly complex environment, with support and guidance, learn on purpose. Practice, reflect, get better at managing and leading yourself & others, everywhere.


Make the most of your I-House experience
Be recognized for your learning and leadership

How to GLIDe?

  1. Get involved by
    • Participating
    • I-House events and meetings

    • Online orientation and intercultural training

    • Events advertised in the Global Education newsletter: Reading Your World
    • Helping out
    • Organizing your own events and activities 

  2. Complete a GLIDe Reflection for each experience

  3. Receive a Letter of Recognition and I-House prizes for your  learning and engagement

Who is eligible?

  • Residents of International House

  • Involved alumni & friends of I-House: contact

  • All levels of University study, from undergraduate to PhD



  • Free for I-House residents
  • Fees may apply for different elements of engagement like assessment tools or intensive training workshops


Theory & Practice

  • Multicultural community building & inclusive leadership

  • Intercultural sensitivity & effectiveness

  • Global citizenship awareness & action


Assessment Tools Available for GLIDe Participants