Global Leadership

I-House is an intentionally diverse environment, made more diverse because residents feel comfortable enough to feel at home and be themselves. This reveals a deep richness and opportunity for true multiculturalism in practice.

As such, leaders, those creating social change in I-House and globally, need to be able to handle this vast complexity in their styles and understanding. Professor Joyce Osland of the Global Leadership Advancement Center, talks about global leadership as "extreme leadership", required for "extreme", complex conditions.

Global leaders "influence the thinking, attitudes, and behaviors of a global community to work together synergistically toward a common vision and common goals." (Adler, 2001; Festing, 2001; integrated by Osland and Mendenhall, 2010)


We think I-House is a perfect practice ground for this: a learning environment where residents can take on challenges and deeply collaborate with peers from around the globe, with strong community and institutional support.

After all, developing global leadership capacities assumes transformative learning; transformative learning requires people to handle the intense difficulties that come with an expansion of perspective and worldview. All of this requires appropriate support, positive emotions, and guidance. We want to create an environment at I-House that helps support this important developmental learning:

  • I-House Community invites everyone to make their visions come to life, to handle, and take on new great challenges, in a joyful and caring environment

  • Residence Life and University student services support basic needs, academic success and mental & physical health and growth

  • International Services Centre helps with unique needs of international students

  • Global Education Program at I-House specializes in global citizenship, intercultural competency, and global leadership development.

Through our GLIDe program, we invite all I-Housers, friends, and alumni, to make the most of their I-House experiences and learn on purpose, preparing for a lifetime of learning as global leaders.

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