International House Community Council Executive: Facilitation Team

To help I-House run smoothly and ensure continuity from year to year, the core organizing committee of the IHCC is the Facilitation Team (FT). To "facilitate" means "to assist the progress of" or "make easier" like the word "facile" in French. So, the FT is a group of dedicated volunteers who commit themselves to helping all residents make the year as outstanding as possible.

The Facilitation Team meets every week and runs the IHCC meetings every two weeks.

The team is made up of 5 core positions:

Co-Facilitators (always 2)

Oversee the team and the big picture of what's happening in I-House. The "Co-Facs" run all of the community and FT meetings.

Program Coordinator(s) (1 or more)

The person to go to for event planning. If residents have an idea, they can talk to the Program Coordinator(s). This position also coordinates the large-scale events that have become I-House traditions.

Resource Coordinator(s) (1 or more)

Responsible for all of the money and supplies that I-House has; keeping accurate records, reporting on budget and expenditures, and helping everyone access supplies.

Communications Coordinator(s) (1 or more)

Responsible for getting the word out to I-House: minutes from meetings, promotions for events or volunteer opportunities, keeping everything updated on the calendars.

Other possible FT positions:

The I-House Community Council operates by creating committees for different projects. For example, the Yearbook Committee, or Dance Committee. When committee heads also want to be a part of the core group of FT, contributing to meetings every week and helping out I-House as a whole, they may be selected to join the FT.

Some common positions include:

  • Welcome Coordinator: Ensures everyone feels at home and integrated at I-House.
  • Free Player: Supports all of the work of the FT
  • Music/Dance/Sports Coordinators
  • And more!

Bring your special interests and talents and join in! You can also work closely with coordinators, become a committee head, or just help out!