2014: Creating Solutions for a Healthier World

International Week 2014 showcased the efforts of people who are finding solutions to the global issues that confront us daily - climate change and environmental devastation, conflict and terrorism, economic crises, poverty and disease.

The community heard from innovators, researchers, writers and activists who are contributing to a hopeful future through their ordinary and extraordinary efforts.

Whether the solutions they offered were widely known projects or works still in progress, I-Week 2014 encouraged and inspired everyone to create the world they wish to see.

Featured Guests:

  • Alex Steffen-one of the world's leading voices on sustainability, social innovation and planetary futurism.

  • FRANK: Solutions-4 University of Alberta academics sharing their ideas and innovations for a healthier world in four short, punchy presentations. Featuring: Dr. Jillian Buriak, Dr. David Kahane, Dr. Naomi Krogman and Dr. Arya Sharma.

  • Sujeet Sennik-Canadian designer, writer and activist involved in raising awareness about responsible consumerism in the wake of the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh.

  • Severn Cullis-Suzuki-Advocate for intergenerational justice, long-term sustainability and environmental awareness.

  • Dr. N'Dri Assié-Lumumba-Professor of African, African Diaspora and Comparative/International Education at Cornell University.

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