2017: Transition

International Week 2017


IWeek 2017 was all about transition. How do we move from our current way of living and thinking to a more sustainable and compassionate way of being? Business as usual is not an option and there are many more global citizens awakening to the need for change and the desire to be a part of that change.

I-Week 2017 events encouraged attendees to question our cultural values and practices and offer alternative ways of thinking about what is happening in our global village.

Featured Keynotes:

  • David Korten, author, political activist, environmentalist and retired Harvard Business School professor.
  • Manulani Aluli-Meyer, Director of Indigenous Education at the University of Hawaii West Oahu, working in the field of Indigenous epistemology and its role in world-wide awakening, developed the Hoea Ea and Kaiao Garden for the Hawaii Island Food Sovereignty movement.
  • Dr. Andy Knight, former Director of the Institute of International Relations (IIR) at the University of the West Indies and is professor and former chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta.
  • Dr. Tanya Narozhna, Associate professor of global politics at the University of Winnipeg.
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Keynote Presentations from International Week 2017

Opening with Welcome from President David H. Turpin

Dr. David Korten: A Living Earth Economy for an Ecological Civilization

Dr. Mojtaba Mahdavi: Muslims and the Middle East in a Post-Trump Era