Group Awards

General Information 

The Education Abroad Group Awards (EAGA)—funded by the University of Alberta—supports a broad variety of international study abroad initiatives, including short-term summer courses and study tours, faculty-led programs, group internships, and programs led by partner institutions or third-party providers with agreed curricular arrangements.

Deadline - October 21, 2019

How to apply

  • 1. Application Instructions

    > Applications must be initiated and completed by a University of Alberta faculty member, Faculty or other administrative unit.

    Deadline: Monday, October 21, 2019

    Application Form (PDF) 

    Declaration Form (PDF)

  • 2. Eligibility

    EAGA Terms of Reference (PDF)

    The total value of the funding awarded to a group-based program will be based on the duration of the abroad program and the number of students participating. The total award granted will be calculated using the following per-student formula, for up to 8 months:

    > $750 for Month 1 (or portion thereof)
    > $500 per month for Months 2 and 3 (if applicable)
    > $400 per month for Months 4 through 8 (if applicable)

  • 3. Selection Process

    > The Education Abroad Group Award selection committee will rank all eligible applications in order of funding priority
    > Award results will be available in early November, 2019