For the most up to date information on the University of Alberta’s response to COVID-19, please visit the university's COVID-19 Information page.

At this time, all travel and education abroad programs managed by University of Alberta International have been suspended until December 31, 2020. We are continuing to plan for future education abroad opportunities but the ability for students to participate will be dependent on the situation at the time of the program.

Summer Programs: 

  • Summer 2020 programs have been suspended. There are a few of our partners that are offering their programs online. 
  • Students wishing to take courses online for credit must submit an application in Horizons. Contact your Faculty to ensure that they will award you transfer credit for your completed online courses and if the courses you wish to take fit into your program. Please note that some Faculties will require you to go through a formal approval process before you can take the course.  
  • Summer 2021 including e3 - We are planning and proceeding as usual. We will be finalizing e3 courses in Summer 2020. Program information for 2021 will be available in the Fall as our partners send us information. 


Fall 2020 and Full-year 2020/21:
  • UAI has suspended all programs (managed by this office) that require travel outside of Canada up to December 31, 2020.
  • If you submitted an application for a Fall 2020 or Full Year 2020/21 exchange, you should have already been contacted by our Exchange Programs Coordinator to discuss alternatives. 
Winter 2021:
  • Winter 2021 exchange programs are proceeding at the present time. We will continue to monitor the situation and all applicants will be notified of the final decision by October if the situation with the pandemic warrants cancellation.
    Please continue working on both the UAlberta and exchange destination parts of your exchange application.
  • With the exception of passport renewals, payment of your nomination fee, and costs that the exchange destination directs you to pay before October, please do not make any travel arrangements that require a financial commitment (like airline tickets, accommodation deposits, etc.) until you have been notified that your exchange will be proceeding. 
  • We recommend that you register in UAlberta Winter 2021 courses as per usual until you receive confirmation that your exchange is proceeding.  (You would later drop out of your UAlberta courses only after you receive confirmation that your exchange is proceeding and after you receive your host acceptance letter.)
Applications for 2021/22 exchanges will open in September 2020.  This is on the assumption that travel will be permitted.  Please note that the University will continue to monitor the situation closely and may again be required to cancel programs if required.


  • Fall 2020 internships (managed by this office) requiring travel outside of Canada have been suspended.
  • Winter/Spring/Summer 2021 internships are proceeding at the present time.  We will continue to monitor the situation and all applicants will be notified if the situation prevents travel to the countries in question.
  • Virtual Internships: UAI is actively engaging with our partners to explore virtual opportunities as an alternative to traditional internships.  Please contact our office for further details.  

Scholarships and Funding: 

  • Students who received an Individual Award or Endowed Award in the first round of competition are eligible to transfer their award to a program in 2021-22. 
  • Education Abroad is currently assisting students interested in applying for the Schwarzman Scholars program for their 2021-22 intake. The deadline to apply is September 22, 2021, and interested students should contact Markus Vuorensola at for further information. 
  • Education Abroad Individual Award, Edmonton Consular Corps Award and Endowed Award funding for the 2021-2022 academic year is still scheduled to proceed as per normal, with a funding deadline of February 1, 2021, for programs abroad between May 1, 2021, and April 30, 2022. 
  • The Killam Fellowships Program will have a deadline in mid-January 2021 for exchanges taking place in the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Financial Resources:

University of Alberta  

The University of Alberta is offering emergency funding through a bursary or loan available to continuing undergraduate and graduate students (including international graduate students). Undergraduate international students will need to apply for emergency funding through University of Alberta International. 

Further information on student loans, bursaries and other financial support through Student Financial Support can be found here. 

Government of Canada

The Government of Canada has announced funding of $1,250 per month for post-secondary students, and $2,000 for those with disabilities or supporting someone else. This benefit is available from May to August 2020. To apply and for further information, please visit the Government of Canada's CESB page