Recommended Programs by Faculty

As a University of Alberta Student, you are eligible to apply to all of the Go Abroad Programs offered by the Education Abroad office. You can use the program finder to find a program suitable for your needs and interests.

This section highlights programs that are recommended for students in their respective faculties based on the past participation of students in the faculty, credit transfer and relevance. Students in these faculties are not limited to these programs but may consider them depending on their faculty and degree requirements. 

Who to contact?

  • If you are looking for guidance, consultation, and detailed information on the program(s) of your interest, Contact an Education Abroad Advisor.
  • If you need advice regarding credit transfer, what remains of your degree, or faculty-specific advice, please check your respective Faculty below or contact your Faculty Advisors.

Select Your Faculty

Still have questions?

Speak with an advisor from your Faculty before applying to an education abroad program to discuss credit transfer details.

To find out which partner institution's courses have transferred to UAlberta, please see the Credit Transfer Guide page.

Frequently Asked Questions