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Education Abroad offers over 300 programs to all UAlberta students, no matter their discipline. As a student in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, you are eligible to apply for and participate in all of our programs including semester/year exchanges, short-term/summer programs, faculty-led programs and international internships. Discover all the programs EAP has to offer by checking out our Program Finder.

    Faculty of Medicine Specific Information

    • Faculty Specific Information

      Applying for Funding

      Global Health Program in the Division of Community Engagement in the FoMD annually offers bursaries to medical students going on an approved overseas global health elective; but note that there are various criteria which must be met (e.g. minimum four weeks on the elective, must have completed both the Pre-Departure Session and the Global Health Elective)

      Risk Management

      Students going abroad must receive pre-departure training which is comprised of two parts:

      1. Online Pre-departure Moodle course
      2. The above are deemed complied with by FoMD students when they complete the FoMD Pre-departure session.

      Liability & Malpractice Insurance

      Students going abroad are required to obtain personal medical/health insurance for their tenure overseas. Postdoctoral fellows and students are offered insurance through their respective benefits programs at the UAlberta. It is the responsibility of individual travellers to review their emergency health coverage to determine if exclusions are present. For further information consult Risk Management Services Insurance for Off-Campus Activities and Travel webpage.

      Generally, all FoMD students are covered for malpractice insurance and workers' compensation insurance by applying for it after they register in the appropriate elective course designation (e.g. MED528).

      Guidelines for Student:

      For International Electives click here.

      Please note, the Preliminary Approval form and the Permission to Participate form are only available once the student has been approved to complete the application process.

    Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Managed Programs

    Contact the Electives Coordinator if you are a second, third or fourth-year medical student interested in participating in going to Munich, Germany where we have a formal agreement with Ludwig Maximilian University or to Graz, Austria.

    The Office of International Programs in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry develops, facilitates and strengthens strategic international relationships and partnerships, working closely with departments and units across the Faculty. The Global Health Program manages the process for all students wanting to do a global health elective, particularly if it is through the Field Station Program.

    Students interested in Global Health opportunities within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry may wish to explore the following projects undertaken by the Faculty:

    Programs managed by University of Alberta International - Education Abroad

    The following programs are managed by UAlberta and are recommended for students in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry based on the past participation of students in the Faculty, credit transfer, and relevance.