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Exchange and Visiting Students

Each year, the University of Alberta welcomes more than 200 exchange students from around the world.

Our formal exchange agreements allow students to take undergraduate or graduate coursework at UAlberta, which often can then be transferred back to their degree at their home institution.

Admission requirements and application procedures vary according to the exchange agreement. Exchange students normally pay tuition fees at their home institution, even while studying at UAlberta. 

Application Information 

If you are interested in coming to UAlberta on exchange, contact your home institution’s International or Study Abroad Office. They will be able to advise if your home institution has a formal exchange agreement with UAlberta and how to apply if an agreement exists.

Only students from exchange partner institutions who are nominated by their home institution can apply for an exchange. 

Application deadlines for incoming exchange students are:

  Study Term 
 Study Term  
  Full-Year Studies (September – April) 
  March 1
  Fall Term Studies (September – December) 
  March 1
  Winter Term Studies (January – April)
  September 1


  • Faculty of Law: February 1 for any term (Fall Term, Full-Year or Winter Term)
  • Faculty of Engineering Additional Requirements:
    • Students can only apply for an exchange to the Faculty of Engineering once they have completed two years of university level courses. One year must be specifically in an Engineering program.
    • Applications will not be considered until all grades for the second year of study are final and official transcripts have been submitted.
    • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 of equivalent to be considered for admission.  

UAlberta Courses, Credit System and Grading

  • Full-time academic study at the University of Alberta is 3-5 courses per semester. 
  • Courses are generally 3 credits each.  3 credit courses are offered 3 hours/week over a 13 week term = 39 contact hours
  • Course listings and class schedules for the next academic year are updated on the Bear Tracks system in March of the previous academic year.  Please note courses that begin with “AU” are offered at the Augustana Campus approximately 1.5 hours outside of Edmonton.
  • The University of Alberta uses a 4 point grading scale.


Once exchange students are admitted to the University of Alberta, they can register for courses using Bear Tracks.

  • Refer to the Bear Tracks User Guide for help on how to build a schedule of classes. 
  • If a course does not allow for Bear Tracks registrations but is not full, the student must contact the department directly to request enrollment. Students should email the department from their UAlberta email account and include their ID number and a copy of their transcript.

Note: Students must be registered in the School of Business during their exchange, in order to take courses through the School of Business. Likewise, students must be registered in the Faculty of Engineering during their exchange, in order to take courses through the Faculty of Engineering.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Students from partner institutions may have to demonstrate certain minimum levels of English language proficiency to participate in an exchange program at the University of Alberta.

Some departments and faculties may have higher English language proficiency requirements than those shown through the links provided below. It is the responsibility of all exchange and visiting students to find out, before applying to come on exchange to the University of Alberta, the minimum English language proficiency requirements that they will need to demonstrate. 

Undergraduate students: See the Academic Calendar for information about English language proficiency.

Graduate students: See the International Admissions page for information about English language proficiency.

Cost of Living & Accommodations

Cost of Living

This varies according to the type of accommodation a student lives in, as well as their lifestyle choices (travel, shopping, entertainment etc.) See cost of living

On-Campus Residences

Guaranteed housing is available for undergraduate students who are applying to the University of Alberta for a full year exchange as long as they apply by the April 30th guaranteed housing deadline. You can apply for housing as soon as you receive a UAlberta ID number and password—you do not need to wait for admission to apply for housing. See University of Alberta Residence Services

Off-Campus Housing

Learn about housing options in and around UAlberta. See off-campus housing.

Health & U-Pass Fee

Exchange students do not pay tuition fees to the University of Alberta while on exchange but there are two mandatory fees exchange students must pay:

  • U-Pass public transit pass
  • UAHIP (University of Alberta Health Insurance Plan). Open the section entitled, "Basic Health Care Plans" and scroll down to find information about UAHIP.

These fees will be assessed once students are enrolled in courses.  Students can pay their fees before they arrive or once they are at the University of Alberta.


Exchange students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Transitions International Student Orientation that takes place at the beginning of Fall Semester and again at the beginning of Winter Semester.


Official transcripts are issued at the request of the student. Exchange students can request a transcript while at UAlberta or once they have returned home. See how to request an official transcript