Health Insurance

Students are required to have travel health insurance for the period they are abroad.

You will be asked to confirm coverage before leaving Canada on the Risk Management Agreement form in your online application account.

Buying Travel Health Insurance

Students can purchase travel health insurance from any insurance provider as long as the plan covers the items listed on the Risk Management Agreement form. 

If you already have coverage through another plan (spouse or parents), double check that it covers all of the required items and meets your personal needs. If not, you will need to supplement your existing plan with additional coverage.

Insurance providers to consider:

Insurance through your Host Institution/Organization

Many students are required to get health insurance through their host institution as part of their study abroad program. While this may mean overlap in your coverage, the host insurance usually only covers while you have formally started the program, not for any travel to or from the host country. This means you will still need coverage from the time you leave Canada, until the time you return.

Insurance as a Visa Requirement

Certain countries may require proof of health insurance in order to apply for a visa, work permit, or study permit. You'll need to make sure that, if required, your insurance coverage meets the visa requirements of your destination country.