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Shortening or Extending Your Stay

Shortening Your Stay

If you wish to shorten your stay and return home part-way through a program (due to personal, health/medical, familial reasons), talk to your international advisor at the host institution or a UAlberta advisor as soon as possible. There is always an adjustment period at the beginning of any intercultural experience and sometimes the everyday challenges can be overwhelming for students. Your host advisor is there to help.

If you decide to return home, contact your UAlberta advisor as soon as possible and they can guide you through the process.

Extending Your Stay

If you wish to extend your time abroad, it is important to contact your program advisor/administrator at UAlberta as soon as possible.

For exchanges, an advisor will have to review your request and contact your host institution to submit a formal extension request. It is not always possible to extend your stay, as it depends on the reciprocal exchange balance between the universities and how both institutions wish to allocate that space.

If you extend your stay, you will need to obtain/consider the following:

  • permission from your faculty to stay longer and to assess any course changes/additions
  • immigration requirements
  • extending housing arrangements