International Relations

International Representatives

The University of Alberta is actively engaged in North and South America, including through several locally-based staff members who help to support our various activities including student recruitment, outgoing internships and study programs, development of opportunities for research and capacity-building, and building relationships with partner organizations as well as alumni. All overseas representatives work closely with Edmonton-based staff.

The representative based in Mexico City takes on a variety of roles, including student recruitment, partnership development, and supporting the University of Alberta's participation in a large training project funded by the Mexican government to develop capacity in the local hydrocarbons industry, valued at 212 millions pesos, roughly $16 million CAN at the time the grants were awarded. 

In Curitiba, the University of Alberta representative coordinates the popular e3 Brazil program which includes Portuguese language study, innovative academic courses taught by UAlberta professors, and internships with local companies or universities.

While the above staff are all under the umbrella of University of Alberta International, the Faculty of Engineering also has a staff member based in Peru who helps to identify and develop opportunities in the region such as for research collaboration, student recruitment, and capacity development.

All of these on-the-ground representatives help to provide insight into local market developments, seize opportunities, and strengthen the UAlberta presence in the region.