The University of Alberta has extensive and longstanding connections with partner institutions across Asia, including some relationships that have been actively cultivated over the course of 40 years. Key outreach activities in the region include mobility of faculty and students , experiential learning abroad, joint research collaborations, and capacity building initiatives.

With over 140 active agreements with Chinese institutions, UAlberta's collaborations with China are the largest scale and most diverse among those in the region, spanning all 18 faculties on campus. Chinese students are the largest group of international students at UAlberta, which enjoys the distinction of being the leading Canadian university in Canada-China academic relations. The China Institute, an institute dedicated to enhancing understanding between Canada and China and the world-class Mactaggart Art Collection are also hallmarks of UAlberta's ties with China.

Since the beginning of this century, UAlberta has expanded significantly its ties with India, building on existing partnerships with leading academic institutes, government agencies and industrial leaders. In 2012, with $13.8 million in financial support from the Canadian government under its Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence, IC-IMPACTS (the India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability) was established by UAlberta, UBC and UToronto, together with various organizations in India, to address key challenges that affect the quality of life of millions of people in Indian and Canadian communities.

The University of Alberta, through its Faculties and individual professors, has activities in countries across the region, including the Prince Takamado Japan-Canada Centre for Teaching and Research, the Play Around the World program in Thailand and Cambodia, and research and teaching related to East Asia and South Asia.

Student Mobility

The University of Alberta Institutional Strategic Plan, For the Public Good, identifies "Build a diverse, inclusive community of exceptional students, faculty, and staff from Alberta, Canada, and the world" and "Experience diverse and rewarding learning opportunities that inspire us, nurture our talents, expand our knowledge and skills, and enable our success" as strategic goals. To assist with the pursuit of these goals, University of Alberta International strives to enhance the internationalization of the student experience through enriching mobility programs.

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Joint Research

Tackling today's large and complex issues not only demands collaboration across diverse fields, but across international boundaries. UAlberta is globally focused and active via our research collaborations, researchers, postdoctoral fellows and students. Our partnerships span the globe and involve other universities, research institutes, governments, government agencies, non-profits, technical institutes, industry, foundations and community organizations.

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Capacity Building and Training

University of Alberta International works in collaboration with faculties to create partnerships in training and education that share UAlberta's expertise with partners abroad through the International Projects unit.

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Regional Manager

Jinjia was appointed as Regional Manager (Asia) in September 2012. As the lead relationship manager, Jinjia develops and implements regional strategies and initiatives that support the international goals of UAlberta and UAlberta International, in addition to providing assistance to all faculties for their activities in Asia Pacific.

Previously, Jinjia worked as the International Recruitment Coordinator (Asia) for 4 years and made enormous contributions in raising the UAlberta's profile among top schools across Asia.

Originally arriving at UAlberta as an international student from China, Jinjia graduated from the Alberta School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2007 and a Master of Business Administration degree in 2018.


Jinjia Xu
Regional Manager (Asia)

Note: Prospective students and agents interested in UAlberta should contact:

International Relations Coordinator

Peter was appointed as International Relations Coordinator (Asia) in September 2018. Working in close collaboration with the Regional Manager (Asia), Peter helps further the University of Alberta's international goals through assisting with the design and implementation of regional strategies and initiatives in Asia to enhance partnership relations and international research collaboration, increase faculty and student mobility, and build the profile of UAlberta while fostering its global visibility.

Peter has a combined total of 7 years studying and working in Asia, most recently as the Coordinator for International Relations for the City of Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture, Japan from 2011-2015. Peter holds a BA in Japanese Language & Literature from UAlberta.


Peter Carter
International Relations Coordinator (Asia)