Mathematics Education in Tanzania

This photo was taken in Iramba District; Mbelekese Ward. The project did two community workshops with people from each of the project wards, they included village governments, school committee members, parents, religious leaders, teachers, ward education coordinators, etc. One workshop focused on creating awareness that mathematics is important and exists in everyday life while the second workshop focused on mathematical literacy including creating a school budget. Each had a gender component as well.

After the community workshops, one participant responded to the community workshop by painting his cart with the project slogan "Hisabati ni Maisha" which in English translates to "Mathematics is Life" or "Mathematics is Living".

In 2010 researchers from the Faculty of Education received $2.2 million in support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) (Global Affairs Canada) over five years to improve the capacity for mathematics education in rural and remote communities of Tanzania. Mzumbe University in Tanzania was a partner university.

Over 450 primary school teachers from rural and remote communities in nine districts in Tanzania have been trained; ultimately benefiting more than 35 000 children; over 240 village and community leaders have participated in workshops to increase their awareness of supporting mathematics teaching and learning; over 200 educational leaders have participated in ongoing activities around the development of policy and practices; five policy briefs delivered to government agencies; 23 MED graduates; and three PHDs.