English Reading Club: Canadian Culture


February 28 - April 4, 2022
Every Monday
4 - 5 pm (MST)
Online via Zoom

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A friendly space to improve reading comprehension and explore Canada's culture. 

Gain a greater understanding of Canadian culture through short stories, poems, and articles at The English Reading Club. Facilitated in partnership with UAlberta Libraries, the Reading Club meets every week to discuss a short narrative or essay and share perspectives and interpretations.

Each session, you are asked to read a provided short story before attending the club. 

Who Can Attend?

International undergraduate and graduate students

Why Should You Attend?

  • An opportunity to improve your English reading skills
  • A chance to improve your English comprehension and critical analysis skills
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Canadian culture
  • Connect with other international students to share perspectives on interpretations of Canadian stories 

Is the English Reading Club Right for You? 

The English Reading Club is best suited for you, if:

  • You can attend every Monday, 4 - 5 pm (MST), February 28 - April 4. You must be present every week for six weeks. 
  • You can read assigned materials before each Monday session.
  • You enjoy and look forward to being involved in engaging discussions.
  • You respect others and their opinions.
  • You want to improve your English reading skills and look forward to deeper discussions.
  • You look toward building an intercultural network of friends. 
  • You want to gain a deeper understanding of Canada's culture and better understand cross-cultural experiences.
  • You are passionate about reading and are committed to participating weekly in the English Reading Club. 

Register now! 

Please note: 

If you cannot commit to attending and reading the materials before the English Reading Club every Monday, we recommend joining the English Conversation Club. 

The English Conversation Club is a great way to connect and practice your English speaking skills. Students can casually drop in every Friday to join the conversation, and no registration is required.

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