GUBA Says Goodbye

GUBA Says Goodbye 2020

GUBA Says Goodbye!

International Convocation Celebration
June 24, 2021
7  - 8 pm (MST)
Zoom - Online

Join the Zoom Session at 7 pm

Celebrate the Wrap-up of Your University Experience at GUBA Says Goodbye!

Congratulations, International Graduands - International Student Services is proud of you!

Say goodbye to your UofA International Advisors and Campus community members. Share final thoughts and projects, which we can showcase during the Livestream 45-minute Zoom event with host Nora Lambrecht. 

Why tune in? 

It is a chance for you to say goodbye and celebrate your achievement. 

Here’s what’s in store: 

  • University of Alberta President Flanagan starts our celebration with a message for international student graduands. 
  • Vice Provost and Associate Vice President International, Cen Huang, to share well-wishes, 
  • Your International Student Advisors, 
  • UofA community members, 
  • Fellow graduands and 
  • Performers.  
  • Get ready to laugh, dance, play Kahoot and win some prizes! 

GUBA Says Goodbye is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye and share your after-graduation plans with your favourite advisors!  

Be part of the GUBA Says Goodbye Program! 

Contribute your most memorable U of A anecdote in a short 30-second video clip, and we will include it in the event! 

You can share a funny incident, an interesting encounter or someone you met while at University, or an unexpected result of something you did at the U of A. 

If you can’t remember or don’t have an anecdote, you can share valuable advice with new incoming international students that we can include in our 2021 orientation program. 

Do you remember what your first day, week or semester was like at U of A? What did you discover that you wish someone had told you before you arrived? New international students want to know! 

How to Shoot Your Video

Get creative and shoot a video of yourself in your favourite place on campus, favourite Edmonton attraction, favourite art/performance or favourite outside location.

Submit your video and make sure: 

  • It is no longer than 30 seconds
  • To take your video outside displaying your current  location; 
  • The camera faces away from the light/sun; we want to be able to see your lovely face! 

Submit a fun anecdote or an advice video 

Here are some statements to help you create your video— fill in the blanks: 
  • My favourite place to study on campus is _____ and why? 
  • I wish I knew about __________ because ______
  • I managed to balance my study/work/social life by __________
  • I wish I went to ________for help, because _______
  • The way I made friends at the UofA was by ______
  • Three things I wish I knew when I first arrived:

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