Summer Connect Program

Join the Summer Connect Program at UAlberta International Student Services

Summer Connect Program
June - August 2021
Online and in-person

Summer Connect is an opportunity for you to connect and get support for your mental health during these extraordinary times over the summer.

When you join Summer Connect, you are matched with a volunteer who shares similar interests, such as experiences in the same faculty or country. Your Summer Connection can offer a connection when you feel alone or a chance to do online or in-person activities over the summer.

Who can attend?

International students who are staying in Edmonton over the summer.

Why should I attend?

  • Get a helping hand: Your Summer Connections - volunteers of UAlberta Alumni and the Golden Key Society - will plan activities to help support you online and in-person throughout the summer.
  • Build a new support network: Your Summer Buddy can be the outside support you need; someone from outside your social circle, who can provide perspectives and tools to help you manage life's stressors.
  • Maintain your mental health: The best way to maintain your mental health is to talk about what is going on, and the Summer Connect program provides you with a safe space to share your experiences.
  • Keep yourself active: The Summer Connect Program is an opportunity to keep yourself mentally and physically active during the summer.
  • Boost your attitude: Participating in group activities boosts your morale.

How do I participate?

Registration opens spring 2021.

Each week throughout the program, your Summer Connection will send you an email with a proposed activity. You and your Summer Connection will determine the best time to connect and decide together what activities you want to do.