Fun and Fitness

Entrance to the Van Vliet Complex on north campus

There are many great ways to stay fit on the UAlberta campus.

Van Vliet Complex

Almost all sport and fitness activities on the UAlberta north (main) campus are based out of the Van Vliet Complex. This facilities include pools, fitness centres, weight training facilities, a skating arena, a running track, and a rock climbing centre.

Entrance to the facilities at the Van Vliet Complex is FREE for all current UAlberta students (it is part of the mandatory fees paid with tuition), although not all facilities are available at all times. Make sure to check the hours before going to the complex.

Intramural Sports

If you're looking to participate in recreational team sports, intramural sports at UAlberta are a fantastic option. There are both competitive and recreational leagues, and the environment is organized to promote teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Intramural sports include:

While intramural do not require high skill levels, you should have a basic knowledge and the prerequisite skills required to participate in the sport you want to play. For example, if you wish to participate in ice hockey you should be a strong ice-skater, or if you wish to play soccer you should have good cardiovascular fitness.

Campus & Community Recreation

If you want to learn about a new sport, or improve your skills, Campus & Community Recreation offers registered programs in a great variety of areas.

  • Sports skills courses can introduce you to a variety of sports, such as ice skating, fencing, and curling
  • Outdoor recreation is a great way to experience the Canadian outdoors with programs including hiking, skiing/snowboarding in Edmonton and the mountains, and camping
  • The brand new Wilson Climbing Centre is home to many climbing programs, which range from beginner skills to competitive contests

The UAlberta Golden Bears men's football team

Varsity Sports

The University of Alberta has very successful men's and women's varsity sports teams. Whether you want to join a team or just cheer one on, it's a great way to show your school pride. Should you qualify for a position on a varsity team, there are many scholarships available, including ones for international students.

Learn more about varsity sports.

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