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There are no tuition fees charged for elementary, junior high and senior high schools for children of international students in the two government-supported school systems in Edmonton: Public and the Catholic (Separate) school systems. You must be registered and pay tuition for either a) a full-time degree program (minimum duration of two years) or b) a full-time graduate or post-doctoral program (minimum duration of one year).

There are, however, a number of private schools approved by the Department of Education which do charge tuition fees. For information on the school that will be most convenient, contact either:

Edmonton Public School Board

Edmonton Catholic School District

Catholic schools are for families who wish their children to have Catholic religious training as part of their school curriculum.

Note: Enrollment in an ESL program does not qualify.

Enrolling Your Child in School

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Alberta Education

According to section 8 guidelines of the School Act, Alberta Education:

If you have been issued a student study permit and has registered and paid tuition for a full-time provincially recognized diploma program or full-time degree program of study that is a minimum of 2 years in duration; or a full-time graduate or post-doctoral program of study that is a minimum of 1 year in duration, your children have a right of access to basic education in Alberta and are eligible for provincial grants.

Children of ESL international students do not have access to schooling in Alberta without paying international student fees.

Information on School Systems and Programs in Edmonton:

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