Areej Alshammiry, Research Assistant

Areej Alshammiry (she/her) is a Research Assistant in the Office of the VP for the Intersections of Gender (IG) Signature Area. She is also a full-time graduate student in the department of Educational Policy Studies, Faculty of Education, specializing in Social Justice and International Studies (SJI). She researches, writes, advocates and consults on statelessness as her topic of expertise. Her research interests include statelessness, gender, race, class, nationalism and state formation. Through these concepts, she explores the ideological, cultural and material constructions of society in the Gulf region and Canada in her work. She is being trained in critical social theory; specifically, in anti-racist feminist and marxist socio-political frameworks. She is also an activist and active community member focusing on gender based violence and statelessness. She is involved in multiple organizations and movements including but not limited to the Global Movement on Statelessness led by the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, and M3N, an intersectional feminist group and movement in Kuwait. She has presented at multiple global and national conferences that focus on statelessness, intersectionality and critical border studies.