Intersections of Gender Thesis Grant (IG-TG)

22 July 2020

Magnifying glass with 6 colour bars (red, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue) radiating from the glass.

Intersections of Gender (IG) is offering a grant program to support intersectional gender research and research creation activities including, but not limited to, feminist, anti-racist and/or anti-colonial/decolonial, queer, and critical disability methodologies for graduate MA and PhD theses at the University of Alberta.

We are especially encouraging applications from Indigenous, Black, and other racialized graduate students.

Funding Amount
Grants up to $2,000.00 maximum each.

Application Deadline
Rolling application, however the final deadline for this fiscal year is February 1, 2021.

Who Can Apply
The IG Thesis Grant (IG-TG) is open to graduate students (masters and doctoral level) at the University of Alberta for research in any field. The grant supports research and research creation activities that are part of a thesis or equivalent. The IG-TG supports scholarly, clinical, and/or creative arts activities. Applications will be accepted from students in any program in which the institution offers a master’s, doctoral, or equivalent degree. There are no restrictions on citizenship and all disciplines are eligible for funding. Awarded to a student registered full-time or part-time in a graduate degree program. A student may only receive the award once during their tenure at UAlberta.

Master's students in thesis-based programs must have completed preliminary coursework and other prerequisites. Master's students in course-based programs must have completed at least two terms of full-time or part-time registration in the master's program. Doctoral students must have either completed their candidacy examination or have completed preliminary coursework and other prerequisites.

Eligible Projects
The scholarly, clinical, or creative research eligible for this competition is any of the following:
1. Research and research creation activities for a traditional, formal written thesis or equivalent;
2. Research and research creation activities for a major capstone paper, capping project, or creative work (e.g. collection of poetry, performance art);
3. Activities for producing an audio, video, or digital file of a performance, portfolio, or exhibition.

Since many fine and performing arts Master’s projects involve a combination of written and artistic products, both are eligible for funding. Applicants must be registered full-time (or part-time) at the time of application and in good academic standing.

This funding is not meant for conference or presentation travel (research dissemination) but for conducting research or research creation activities.

Selection Criteria
The IG-TG will be awarded to those applicants whose work demonstrates commitment to advancing innovative intersectional, feminist, gender, anti-racist and/or decolonial research methodology, theories, and/or practices. EDI criteria will be applied to the assessment of the application.

Selection Process
Applicants must identify a continuing faculty member who has agreed to endorse and supervise the proposed project and hold the funds for the student. This can, but does not have to, be the thesis supervisor. The faculty member will submit a brief confidential assessment of the feasibility of the proposed activities and abilities of the student. This assessment is part of the application.

All applications that meet eligibility will be considered by an IG review panel. All applicants will be notified about the status of their application. Successful applicants will have the grants transferred to the supervisor of the project. For research requiring ethics approval, the funds will only be dispersed after approval has been granted. Only expenses directly related to thesis-related research or thesis-related creative activities are eligible.

All funds must be spent by December 31, 2021.

To Apply
Please provide the following information using this template in a shared Google Doc1 (not Word or PDF), using the numbered items as headers, sent to, subject line “IG Thesis Grant Application - Your Name.”

  1. Full Name
  2. Student ID #
  3. Email Address
  4. Type of degree sought (Master’s/PhD/Other)
  5. Department/Faculty, Program, year of study, full or part time
  6. Thesis Supervisor’s name, title, department/faculty, and email address
  7. Title of Project
  8. Type of project (thesis, research creation, clinical research etc.)
  9. Brief budget and budget justification (expenses must follow Tri-Council guidelines and directly relate to the preparation of a thesis or equivalent)
  10. Ethics: Indicate whether you need or already have received ethics approval for this project. (Funds will only be dispensed after evidence of successful ethics approval).
  11. Name, Department/Faculty, position, and contact information of a supervisor for this project. This can, but does not have to be, the thesis supervisor (per #6 above). It can also be a member of the supervisory committee or similar. The supervisor for this project must be a continuing faculty member at UAlberta who is willing to submit an endorsement of the project and the applicant, hold the grant for the applicant, and supervise the project’s completion. Please also indicate that this person has been notified and has agreed to hold funds on your behalf. The supervisor must submit this document, under separate cover, to, subject line “IG Thesis Grant Support - Name of Student” within one week of your application.
  12. Please indicate that you have support and permission from the supervisor of this project (yes/no).
  13. In one page (maximum 250 words), describe your research, the activities you seek funding for, and how this projects supports intersectional, gender, decolonial, and/or anti-racist research or research creation Please be advised, statements of more than 250 words will not be considered for review.


If you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please contact