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Intersections of Gender provides the academy with the unique opportunity to realize an institutionalized research ecosystem that congregates, consolidates and gives space to existing resources. Bringing these wide-ranging initiatives together will enable us to develop a sustainable, central research institute that, in close alignment with For the Public Good , will become a destination for outstanding students and scholars from around the world.

grants-magnifying-glass.jpgIntersections of Gender Granting Programs

The granting program is currently closed for the 2020-21 fiscal year. Please check back on May 15, 2021 in order to apply for our grants.

IG has three granting programs to help you with your intersectional research or program. Click on the following links to find out more:

  1. Enrichment Grant
  2. Research Development Grant
  3. Thesis Grant 

IG Affiliate Program

As a signature area of research and teaching excellence, Intersections of Gender recognizes the existing extensive intersectional gender expertise of the University of Alberta community.  To fulfill our priorities of further nurturing intersectional gender research, we invite faculty members (continuing as well as ATS faculty), postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to become formally affiliated with IG. 

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Our Researcher Database

There are more than 250 researchers studying topics related to intersectionality and gender at the U of A.


Resources @ UAlberta

Internationalize your work!

The regional managers at UAlberta International can be your first point of contact if you would like to explore opportunities related to international funding, collaboration, or partnerships. They are also skilled at intercultural communication and can advise on cultural customs, norms, and the particularities of working with potential collaborators in different countries.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone listed below: 

Regional managers at UAlberta International


Cristian Gonzalez-Paez
Regional Manager
+1 (780) 492-2745

Asia & Oceania

Jinjia Xu
Regional Manager
+1 (780) 492-2057

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Dr Alex Kuznetsov
Regional Manager
+1 (780) 492-4482

Please visit the UAlberta International website for a full directory of the International Relations staff.




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