Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services

Pride Week

It is exceptionally important for us as a community and as community members to recognize and embrace the origins of Pride. University of Alberta Pride Week is an opportunity to reflect on our campus and ourselves. What can we celebrate having accomplished? What can we still undertake to dismantle the barriers that prevent LGBTQ2S+ people from thriving, when members of these communities have complex, rich, and varying lives that involve racialization, disability, neurological experiences of the world, age, and religion?

Pride Week would not be possible without the support of a wide variety of campus and community stakeholders who are committed to ensuring Pride Week continues to be an important, vibrant, and educational part of the institutional fabric of the University of Alberta.

Everything you need to know about Pride Week lives here, including ways you can volunteer or donate to ensure that U of A Pride Week continues to be marked on campus. Pride Week 2018 runs from March 12 through March 21. Check out the calendar of events here, and check back for updates often as we gear up for the week!