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iSMSS Stances on the K-6 Curriculum

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iSMSS Stances on the K-6 Curriculum

As an institute grounded in research, we echo the concerns addressed by nearly 30 school boards across Alberta regarding the content and the development process of this curriculum. We also join the list of equity-seeking groups who do not see themselves adequately or accurately reflected in this proposed curriculum.

New centre in Oliver aims to support queer, trans youth in Edmonton

A queer and trans youth support centre held its grand opening in Edmonton's Oliver neighbourhood on Monday.

A Statement from Dr. Glynnis Lieb, Executive Director of iSMSS-iSMSS Stands with Our Trans Community Members

The 2SLGBTQ+ community has won many hard-fought victories in recent years. However, not all members of our community have experienced the same level of social gains. QTBIPOC members have historically not been recognized adequately for their contributions and continue to be discriminated against.

Glynnis Lieb: LBGTQ2S+ people once again in the election crosshairs

Dr. Glynnis Lieb is a featured guest editor for The Star. As federal elections are coming up Dr.Lieb shares her thoughts on what this means for the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Gay Yoda' races to secure beds for homeless LGBTQ youth before winter

It breaks his heart to send his kids back onto Edmonton's streets on freezing cold nights - but often Corey Wyness has no choice. Even though he knows what happens.

'This practice is evil': Edmonton to ban conversion therapy

Edmonton will soon take steps to ban conversion therapy - the widely discredited practice that tries to change a person's sexual orientation through counselling or religious teaching.

Two-spirit cultural knowledge keeper to attend Alberta LGBT2S summer camp

Young people attending Camp fYrefly will have the support of a two-spirit cultural knowledge keeper at this year's Camp fYrefly.Knowledge keeper Warren Winnipeg will travel to one of the camp's four locations in Edmonton as part a four-day leadership retreat for LGBTQ2S youth in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Edmonton Pride Run endows bursary for LGBTQ+ students

Bergman and his partner Kent Akgungor ('06 BCom) had the idea in 2015 to start the Edmonton Pride Run and Walk as a way to combine their love of running with their involvement in the LGBTQ community. At the time, they contacted the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) for advice on how best to use the proceeds from the run.

Point of Pride: The evolution of the LGBTQ movement in Edmonton

As Edmonton's LGBTQ community grapples with the loss of the annual Pride festival that was scheduled for Saturday, some experts and activists say the cancellation and the conflict that led to it is a natural progression for the city's Pride movement.

Rally Against Conversion Therapy

On June 6, 2019, hundreds gathered on the legislative grounds to rally against conversion therapy and to implore that the provincial government reinstate the conversion therapy working group which was disbanded earlier in the month. Dr. Glynnis Lieb, was among the many speakers who spoke at the rally.

Conversion therapy ban group will learn fate by week's end

Members of a working group asked to study a possible ban on conversion therapy in Alberta have been told they will learn on Friday whether their work can continue under the new United Conservative government.

Cancellation of the Gay Conversion Therapy Working Group

Today it was reported that the UCP will be cancelling the gay conversion therapy working group; a group I was very proud to be a part of. While I had my fears that this would happen, I am deeply disappointed to have been correct.

Edmonton organization to bring 'dash of fabulousness' to Pride celebration

Edmonton's Pride Festival has been cancelled for 2019 due to what the board calls "the current political and social environment." But community groups are coming together in celebration anyway, and working together to support important causes. The Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services is throwing one such party and joined Global News at Noon with details.

A Message to Our Community

As we wake up today to the results of the election we are disheartened but not broken. Though, none of us can know the challenges that will face us in the days and months to come, we must resist the urge to withdraw into fear and despair. We must resist the urge to run away.

Province asks experts to chart path for banning conversion therapy

The province brings together experts to establish a working group to ban conversion therapy. Dr. Glynnis Lieb, Executive Director of iSMSS, will be co-charing alongside MLA Nicole Goehring.

Working group seeing pushback, says co-chair

In an interview with Mountain View Gazette, Dr. Glynnis Lieb, Executive Director of iSMSS, responds to pushback against the the conversion therapy working group that was established earlier this month.

New research offers insights into what keeps gay hockey players from coming out

Cheryl MacDonald, a recent post doctoral fellow at iSMSS, provides new research that gives light to why gay hockey players choose to not come out.

iSMSS Statement on University of Regina Withdrawal of Support for Camp fYrefly

Last week the University of Regina Faculty of Education announced it will no longer be supporting Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan