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Pride Week

U of A Pride Week 2018 runs from March 12 through March 21. Check out the calendar of events here, and check back for updates often!


Everything you need to know about Pride Week lives here, including ways you can volunteer or donate to ensure that U of A Pride Week continues to be marked on campus.


About Pride Week



About Pride Week

Pride Week  is a collective celebration of LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals and communities at the University of Alberta. The planning and implementation of Pride Week is a collaborative effort by students, staff, faculty members, groups, units, organizations, and individuals across U of A campuses. Everyone is welcome and invited to participate - host an event in your area of campus, attend a workshop, walk in the parade, celebrate being LGBTQ2S+, support your colleagues and friends!


Our Pride Week community recognizes and embraces the origins of Pride as a political struggle for the rights, safety, and acceptance of LGBTQ2S+ people, many of whom live at the intersections of multiple forms of marginalization by virtue of not only gender and sexuality, but also race, class, disability, neurological experiences, citizenship, age, religion, place of origin, and more. University of Alberta Pride Week is an opportunity to reflect on our campus and ourselves. What can we celebrate having accomplished?


What barriers still exist that keep LGBTQ2S+ people from thriving, and what can we undertake to dismantle them?


Pride Week would not be possible without the support of a wide variety of campus and community stakeholders who are committed to ensuring Pride Week continues to be an important, vibrant, and educational part of the institutional fabric of the University of Alberta.


Thank you to our 2018 sponsors: the Office of the Dean of Students and Shell.


#flowerpower at UAlberta Pride Week 2018

For Pride Week 2018, organizers and volunteers have chosen to celebrate the beautiful histories and presents (presence) of LGBTQ2S+ communities at the U of A by giving away flowers. Each flower is affixed with a message that speaks to ongoing LGBTQ2S+ political struggles and activism for justice.

Whether you received a flower from a volunteer, or you saw the purple carnations popping up all over campus, or you got to this page some other way—read on to learn more about #flowerpower! 


All events during Pride Week are listed on a calendar here in addition to below.


March 12 through March 21 - All Gender Changeroom

Inclusive, all day, Team Room 7 Van Vliet Centre

Van Vliet Centre does not have a permanent all gender change room, which means that an enormous amount of people on campus who cannot use gender segregated spaces are in effect banned from accessing recreation services on campus. Team room 7 will serve as an all gender change room all day from March 12 through March 21 inclusive, all day, to mark Pride Week. 


Team room 7 is straight ahead of the Facility Services and Customer Service desks towards the Hanson Fitness and Lifestyle Centre. The room includes:

- Day use lockers

- An open shower area with three shower heads

- Two private stalls with toilets (one smaller, one larger with a bar for physical accessibility)

- Two sinks

- Counter space suitable for changing children

- Two sets of doors which are not fitted with automatic opening and closing capacity

- Benches suitable for or resting objects on or sitting on while changing


March 12 through March 21 - The Landing

All throughout Pride Week, The Landing will be hosting a number of events. See here for an events calendar and look forward to being fed, as there will be free pizza at every occasion! 


March 12 - LGBTQ2S+ Representation in STEM

6-9pm, Fred Pheasey Commons, Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering

Join Diversity in Engineering for an empowering and inspiring evening of exploring the representation of queer and trans folks in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. We will be hosting a speed-dating style event, where attendees will be able to engage with a diverse group of speakers in small, rotating groups. Our goal is to provide attendees with a new perspective on the issues faced by marginalized individuals in the traditionally oppressive culture of engineering, as well as a message of resilience for those who seek to enter and thrive in such a vital field. Refreshments will be provided. Free tickets are available on Eventbrite.


March 13 - OUTLaw Pride Week Bake Sale

12 - 2 PM, Law Building Atrium

OUTLaw will be holding a bake sale featuring rainbow treats from 12 - 2 pm in the atrium of the Law Building with all items available by donation. All proceeds raised will be donated to the OUTLaw and Friends Inclusivity Award.

March 14 - Rainbow Stew and Bannock

11 AM - 1 PM, Aboriginal Student Services Centre

Open to everyone! ASSC hosts their annual Pride-themed stew and bannock, featuring bannock in every colour of the rainbow. Come eat lunch with us and celebrate!

March 14 - Pride Parade

12 - 1 PM, Meet in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science

The Campus Pride Parade is back March 14 and NASA is helping to organize it! We are looking for enthusiastic members to join NASA's entry in the parade. You can contact to sign up or get more information. Campus Pride is a diverse celebration of LGBTQ2S+ people and communities at the University of Alberta. The parade will take place over the noon-hour on Wednesday March 14, starting at CCIS and ending at the Van Vliet Centre. Workplace teams, departments, other groups, and individuals are all welcome in the parade.
Volunteer Form:
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No registration is required for individuals who wish to walk in the parade.


March 15 - Law School’s A Drag 3

9 PM, Denizen Hall

The annual charity drag show presented by OUTLaw, the Tortfeasors hockey team, and Golden Bearristers rugby team is back for a third time at Denizen Hall. Members of the sports teams, together with members of Edmonton’s drag community, perform their hearts out for hundreds of their fellow students.

Tickets, available for $10, will be on sale March 5-8 at the Law Centre atrium couches from 12-2 daily. All proceeds raised will be donated to the Pride Centre of Edmonton to go towards sports and recreation programs for local LGBTQ2S+ youth. Last year’s LSAD raised $2500 for the Pride Centre of Edmonton, while the first year raised over $1500 for YOUCANPLAY.

March 16 - Intersections of Queer Symposium

9:30 AM - 4 PM, Education South B18, B19, and B76

The Intersections of Queer Symposium is an attempt to create spaces for critical engagement with the complexities of LGBTQ2S+ experiences, bodies, identities and communities. Based on a structural engagement with the intersections of queer identity, our goal is to support a series of workshops, panel discussions, and facilitated spaces that share knowledge and engage collaborative learning around issues of race, class, ability, gender, age, mental health, spirituality, ethnicity, Indigeneity, and citizenship in relation to queerness.

This year's structure of IQS will consist of three session blocks, each of 1.5 hour in length. The session blocks are comprised of two concurrent panels and/or workshops, for a total of 6 available sessions to choose from. You are free to come and go to any of the sessions throughout the day. Snacks throughout the day and Lunch will be provided, complete with GF and Vegan meals. RSVP information and space accessibility notes to follow.


Program Guide: RSVP: Facebook event page:
Google Calendar Event link:


March 16 - Pride Art Night

5-8 PM, Remedy on 109 Street

Join us for a night of visual art, performances, and interactive pieces! The night will include singers/song writers, poets, artists, and more. Pride Art Night is open to everyone - students, alumni, and community members! Cost: Free - refreshments and food available for purchase Want to submit your art/perform at the event? Click here for the submission form!


March 17 - Transgressing Bodies

7-9 PM, The Nook Cafe

How does the bodies we inhabit shape our experiences and define us as “different”? Join The Office of EDI, HRS in this evening of art and spoken word poetry with local performers to explore the topic of diverse bodies disrupting what is considered “normal,” featuring Alexis Hillyard and Lady Vanessa Cardona. Before our showcase of performers we will have an open mic for anyone who would like to share their poetry/spoken word/etc. See the Eventbrite for more details.

March 19 - Ending Homophobia and Transphobia

10 AM - 12 PM, 5-109 Education North

This session provides an explanation of the origins of homophobia and transphobia, some guided exercises to demonstrate how these kinds of discrimination play out in society, and some participatory exercises around practicing pronouns to work on incorporating a greater understanding of how much gender and sexuality assumptions play out in our day to day lives. The workshop provides participants with opportunities to do self reflection work in terms of—both as individuals and as members of institutional organizations—how to create and maintain environments that are accessible for and accountable to people of all genders and sexualities.

We will work through an explanation of the origins of homophobia and transphobia, participate in guided exercises, and practice pronouns to develop a greater understanding of how much gender and sexuality assumptions play out in our day-to-day lives. Workshops are facilitated by Rebecca Blakey, Sexual and Gender Equity Minority Advisor with the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies.


March 19 - Experiences of LBGTQ+ Legal Professionals

12 - 1:30 PM, McLennan Ross Hall LC 231/237

On day one of a two day speaker series, we will hear from a variety of LGBTQ+ legal professions speaking about their experiences in a sometimes unwelcoming industry. By hearing their stories, guest will be able to learn how things were, how they have changed, and what still needs work. The event will feature James Bond QC, Brenna Meade-Clift, and Shad Turner as panelists and Dean Paul Paton as moderator. This event will be held from 12 - 1:30 in McLennan Ross Hall [LC 231/237].


March 19 - Chancellor's Forum to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Vriend v. Alberta

5:30 PM, Telus Centre Atrium and Theatre

Confirm your attendance by registering at

Vriend v. Alberta  was the first successful case before the Supreme Court of Canada supporting LGBTQ2 human rights.  It established the right of all Albertans to be free from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The forum will be hosted by Paula Simons and will include greetings from President David Turpin and Dean Paul Paton (Faculty of Law).  Panelists include Michael Phair (LGBTQ2 activist and U of A board chair), Sheila Greckol (Court of Appeal Justice and counsel to Delwin Vriend), Randy Boissonnalt (Member of Parliament and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on LGBTQ2 rights), Dr. Kris Wells (Faculty Director,  Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services), Julie Lloyd (Provincial Court Justice and counsel team to Delwin Vriend), and Chancellor Douglas Stollery (Counsel to Delwin Vriend).    Event information:


March 20 - Working with LGBTQ+ Legal Individuals

12 - 1:30 PM, McLennan Ross Hall LC 231/237

On the second day, guests will learn how to more effectively work with LGBTQ+ individuals. The event will feature presenters from the Alberta Human Rights Commission and the Landing at UAlberta, as well as special guest Marni Papas. Guests will be able to learn about the legal issues faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, respectful language, and how to become involved in helping the LGBTQ+ community. This event is presented by OUTLaw, the Women’s Law Forum and the Equality and Respect Committee and will be held from 12 - 1:30 in McLennan Ross Hall [LC 231/237].


March 20 - Pride History Panel, OUTReach Meeting

5 - 6:30 PM, Athabasca Hall

Join OUTreach as we learn from distinguished community members about the history of Pride and other LGBTQ+ initiatives in Edmonton and the U of A.


LGBTQ+ is one version of an acronym used to describe groups of individuals across gender and sexual identities. The plus (+) in LGBTQ+ represents the vast array of identities not captured in this short acronym, which is sometimes extended to LGBTQ2S+, LGBTTQIA+, LGBTQ2SIA+, or other variations. Letters in this acronym refer to terms such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgender, Two-Spirit, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, asexual, and more. Definitions relating to gender and sexual diversity are not fixed, and tend to vary across time, regions, cultures, communities, ages, individual interpretations and identities, etc. For more information, please see here.