Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services

CPHO State of Public Health in Canada 2012

The 2012 report — Influencing Health: The Importance of Sex and Gender — is clear on a key point: With sex and gender traditionally expected to function within the parameters of heterosexuality and the male/female binary, SGM youth have problems adjusting to boundaries and expectations guiding behaviours and practices in key arenas including parenting, schooling, and healthcare.

Not adjusting can impact an individual’s social acceptability, cultural status, educational performance, employment and career opportunities, economic security, and comprehensive health. Thus the report accentuates the vital need to consider sex and gender in the development, implementation, and evaluation of health research, policymaking, programming, and interventions.

Indeed the report states that sex and gender should be considered in all research areas. In its focus on education research, the report stresses the need to study how both sex and gender affect the individual, social, and environmental needs of youth, their learning experiences and outcomes, and the kinds of educational initiatives, interventions, curricula, and instructional strategies needed to create sex-and-gender inclusive schools.