Michael Phair Leadership Award

Michael Phair Photo Credit: Folio

The Michael Phair Leadership Award is the first award in the history of the University of Alberta specifically targeted to the advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, or queer students and studies. Selection is based on demonstrated leadership qualities and involvement in extracurricular and community activities. Preference is given to undergraduate students who have demonstrated commitment to the advancement of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirited, or queer communities.

Two awards
are available annually for a total of $1500.00 each.

Any student continuing in an undergraduate degree program in their second, third, or fourth year of studies with satisfactory academic standing (2.0 or higher GPA) is eligible to apply for this award. Students from outside the University of Alberta are not eligible for this award.

The Friends of Michael Phair, in recognition of his dedicated public service to the City of Edmonton and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirited and queer communities of Alberta.

Apply for this award:
To apply for this award, complete the application form, and be sure to include all the required documentation. For more info on requirement, qualifications, or other awards offered by iSMSS check out our scholarship info package.

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Frequently Asked Questions 
Who can I contact for my references ?

Applicants applying for the graduate awards, Ronald Gordon Rowswell Award and/or Stephen and Lynn Mandel Scholarship, must have at least one academic reference as a referee who can speak to their research and academic achievements.

What do I need to apply?

To apply for iSMSS Scholarships & Awards you must be a U of A student. A complete application package must consist of the following:

  1. completed application form
  2. résumé/CV
  3. academic transcript
  4. two letters of reference
  5. personal essay (500 word essay)

Applicants applying for the Orlando Books Collective Entrance Award do not need to provide an official transcript. As a first year student, you must only provide proof that you are currently a registered student at the University of Alberta.

What will make my application stand out?

All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. Some of the criteria used to evaluate applications include:

  1. Significance of research and/or leadership activities
  2. Application of research into advocacy
  3. The applicant's GPA
  4. Quality of application essay
  5. Strength of letters of reference
You can email us at ismss@ualberta.ca. with the heading "iSMSS Scholarships & Awards Application."