IT Governance

Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)

Terms of Reference 


The purpose of the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is to create a forum through which faculty members can advise the VP-IST on faculty IT needs, and to provide a sounding board for services, projects, and policies the VP-IST is considering. In providing that advice and commentary, faculty insights into the needs and views of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students will also be valuable. The scope of the committee is necessarily restricted to centrally provided services.

The committee will work at the level of broad issues that have the potential to affect multiple faculty members. Existing escalation paths through the IST help desk should be used for individual issues.


ITAC reports through the VP-IST to the University Information & Information Systems (UIIS) Governance Committee.


ITAC will ensure:

  • Faculty members have a voice and are consulted on matters related to central IT.
  • Constructive feedback about, and development paths for, existing centrally provided services and policies are highlighted to the VP-IST.
  • Discussion and feedback on proposed new central IT services or policies are solicited from faculty members sufficiently in advance for adjustments and changes to be made.
  • Effective institutional decision-making by facilitating an open and collaborative approach to discussing and addressing IT issues facing faculty members.

Strategic Alignment

  • Provide direction so that information technology initiatives align with faculty needs
  • Help assess the achievement of the strategic goals and objectives of central IT
  • Recommend changes to the services, policies and procedures of central IT
  • Help determine the relative budget priorities of central IT, especially as regards services that support teaching & learning, and research
  • Share information about opportunities for collaborations between departments
  • Review proposals submitted by other IT sub-committees and provide recommendations

Value Delivery

  • Identify ways to assess whether central IT services and policies are aligned with faculty needs
  • Review and report on the performance of central IT services


Members are chosen by the Vice - Provost Information Services & Technology and are invited to serve for three years.
Internal or external persons may be invited to attend meetings to provide advice and assistance, when necessary. Such persons are not eligible to vote on committee matters.


A quorum for the committee meeting is defined as 50% of the membership, plus one. 


This committee will meet as required, but not less than three times per year.  Committee members cannot delegate their role. 

Agenda and Minutes

Agendas and associated documentation will be prepared and distributed by the office of the Chair five working days prior to the meeting. The draft minutes and action items of each meeting will be prepared and circulated by the office of the Chair to all committee members following the meeting.

Approval and amending the Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference will be reviewed at least every three years by the voting members, and revisions to the terms above must be approved by UIIS.

Current membership

The following table presents the composition of the committee as of Sept. 2018:

Position Role
Vice Provost: Information Services & Technology Chair and Voting Member
Associate Professor / Director of Graduate Studies: Campus Saint-Jean Academic Support OR Admin Voting Member
Academic Director / Professor: Centre for Teaching and Learning
Voting Member
Assistant Professor: Faculty of Education - Elementary Education
Voting Member
Associate Chair / Professor: Faculty of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Dept
Voting Member
Faculty Service Officer: Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Biochemistry Dept
Voting Member
Associate Professor: Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Pharmacology Dept
Voting Member
Associate Professor: Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Surgery Dept
Voting Member
Associate Chair Undergrad / Professor: Faculty of Science - Computing Science
Voting Member
Professor: Faculty of Science - Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Admin
Voting Member
Professor: Faculty of Nursing
Voting Member
Clinical Assistant Professor: Faculty of Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy
Voting Member
Associate Professor: Alberta School of Business - Accounting, Operations and Information 
Voting Member
Professor: Faculty of Engineering - Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept
Voting Member
Associate Professor: Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Pediatrics Dept
Voting Member
Associate Professor: Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation - Academic Programs
Voting Member