Change Advisory Board - Graduate Studies Management Solution (GSMS)


The purpose of this committee is to govern the operations of the Graduate Studies Management Solution (GSMS) - Change Advisory Board (CAB).


The GSMS-CAB reports to Information Technology Steering Committee for Administration (ITSCA).


The GSMS-CAB will ensure: 

  • The value of investments in systems are maximized by aligning them with operational goals and objectives of the University
  • The value of investment is maximized across functional boundaries of information systems and their associated business processes
  • Effective operational management by reviewing and prioritizing application changes to meet business needs
  • Effective operational management through the timely resolution across departmental and unit boundaries of issues affecting systems and associated business processes
  • Effective functional decision-making by facilitating an open and collaborative approach for discussing and addressing key issues facing information systems and associated business processes
  • Effective understanding of ongoing initiatives by providing effective communication among proponent communities affected by changes or enhancements information systems
  • Effective management of institutional risks


The CAB will consider all matters relating to management and administration including enhancements and operational issues.

The governing mandate for this change advisory board includes change requests and operational priorities applicable to student administration for graduate students & research programs.  For the affected solutions and their related business practices this committee will ensure the following:

  • Establish operational direction and set priorities for requested changes
  • Members may originate change requests
  • Members are empowered to make decisions on behalf of their respective business areas
  • Evaluate the degree of fit and prioritize minor (Type A < 35 hours effort), medium (Type B between 35 and 100 hours effort) and major (Type C between 100 and 350 hours effort) type change requests to assess benefits realization, timeline for execution, and impacts to processes, policies and procedures in accordance with Guiding Principles outlined in the IT Change Management procedure for Enterprise Applications
  • Type A change requests may be approved and executed by the Change Manager
  • Medium (Type B) and major (Type C) change requests must be approved by the CAB
  • Major change requests (Type C) must be communicated to ITSCA for feedback prior to execution
  • Authorization of change requests
  • Make recommendations to ITSCA for major development and upgrade initiatives
  • Regularly review and report on the performance of the administrative application implementations and operations, and set operational priorities as required
  • Monitor the progress of change requests and manage the impact of such changes
  • Undertake initiatives and tasks as directed by ITSCA
  • The Change Manager will be responsible for coordinating activities with service providers for execution of change requests


Position Role
Senior representative, Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research - Admissions Voting member
Representative, Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research – Awards Voting member
Senior representative, Academic Unit/GPAC Member Voting member
Senior representative, Information Services & Technology Voting member
Product (Change) Manager, Information Services & Technology Voting member

The Chair position is an annual rotation of the senior voting members. Internal or external persons may be invited to attend meetings to provide advice and assistance, when necessary.


A quorum for the committee meeting is defined as 50% of the voting membership, plus one. 


This committee will meet as required but not less than once per month.  Committee members cannot delegate their role to a subordinate.  

Agenda and Meetings

Agendas and associated documentation will be prepared and distributed by the office of the Chair five working days prior to the meeting. The draft minutes and action items of each meeting will be prepared and circulated by the office of the Chair to all committee members with the agenda no later than two business days of the meeting. 

Approvals and Ammending the Terms of Reference

 The Terms of Reference may be revised by the voting members and must be approved by the ITSCA.