IT Governance

Software as a Service (SaaS) Checklist

Considerations prior to acquiring a SaaS solution.

Client Comments
Have you clearly identified your business requirements and processes regarding this software? yes unsure no
Are you confident that the software meets your business requirements and process? yes unsure no
Have you ensured there are no other systems on campus that can meet your needs? yes unsure no
Have you checked that there are no other units on campus looking to fulfill the same needs? yes unsure no
Have you reviewed at least two other products? yes unsure no
Will the application be used for no more than 3 years? yes unsure no
Did the system demonstration address your use cases? yes unsure no
Have the impacts to your unit’s roles and responsibilities been identified? yes unsure no
Do you have the data you need for input into the system? yes unsure no
Have impacts to your business processes been identified? yes unsure no
Are you prepared to change your business processes to align with the proposed solution? yes unsure no
Do you know of other Canadian Universities using this software? If yes, have you consulted with them? yes unsure no
Has SMS been involved or consulted? yes unsure no
The software needs to integrate with another system on campus: no unsure yes
If “yes” the proposal will need to be reviewed and approved through IT Governance
• CCID - single sign-on no unsure yes
• PeopleSoft – Campus Solutions, HCM, Financials no unsure yes
• eClass no unsure yes
• Google no unsure yes
Are the data ownership, sharing, retention, encryption, and portability compliant with the U of A policies? yes unsure no
Do you know how you will get the data out of the system when you wish to stop using it? Will it be in a format that can be archived and/or moved into a different service? Have provisions for data return been agreed to in the contract? This might be required, for example, if you decided to switch to another service. yes unsure no
Private, personal or sensitive data will be used in the system no unsure yes If “yes” the software will need a security and privacy review and may need to go through the appropriate governance committee
Will the vendor provide helpdesk support for the Application? yes unsure no
Does the support address your needs? yes unsure no
Does the training content and delivery method meet your needs? yes unsure no
Is there ongoing support and maintenance provided by the vendor? yes unsure no
If ongoing vendor support is provided, do they do so onsite, remotely, or both? yes unsure no
The product has been available over 2 years yes unsure no
The product is upgraded at least once a year yes unsure no
The product is used by over 100 organisations yes unsure no
The references from users have been positive yes unsure no
The service contract includes all costs for:
• User Licenses for all your users yes unsure no
• Storage yes unsure no
• Training yes unsure no
• Support yes unsure no
• Upgrades yes unsure no
• Data repatriation yes unsure no

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