Technology Governance Framework

The Technology Governance Framework (TGF) is a tool that communicates and outlines resource, support and integration guidelines to support decision-making around the adoption of new applications or technology solutions. It also assists in indicating when formal IT governance is required to align new software/technology solutions with Institutional goals/priorities.

The Technology Governance Framework (TGF) identifies 4 levels of classification based on usage and scope:

  • Individual (Solutions acquired, supported and governed by individuals)
  • Single-Unit (Faculty or Administrative Unit-specific solutions that may be internally acquired, supported and governed)
  • Multi-Unit (Solutions that are in use across Faculty or Administrative Units with shared funding, support and governance models)
  • Enterprise (Mandated solutions for the Institution with shared funding, support and governance)

Each level has 7 common characteristics that are used to determine the adoption requirements of new applications or technology solutions:

  • Who: Who is using it?
  • Governance: Who is making decisions?
  • Impact: How many are using it?
  • Value: Why is it being used?
  • Financial: Who is paying/How is it funded?
  • Administration: How is it administered?
  • Support: How is it supported?

The TGF has additional columns to provide guidance on the following areas involving  applications or technology solution:

  • Considerations for adoption: Highlighting Governance and policy standards to be mindful of on a per-classification level basis
  • Funding and Support: Highlighting purchasing, integration, and license management requirements to be mindful of on a per-classification level basis
  • IST’s Support Role: General Per-level support parameters ranging from Guidance to management as an Institutional system of record
  • Integration Support: Guidance on per-level support ranging from publicly available integrations to fully funded central support
  • Ownership / Stewardship of Data: Per-level guidance on where responsibility for data stored within a new application or technology solution lies

The Technology Governance Framework (TGF) should be used/referenced to frame conversations and make decisions regarding the following scenarios:

  • Implementing a new application/technology solution
    • how the new application/solution should be governed (who makes decisions) - e.g does it need to go through IT Governance for approval?
    • how it’s funded
    • how it’s administered, supported and integrated
    • who owns/stewards the data
  • Making significant changes to existing applications (moving up/down levels in the Technology Governance Framework or decommissioning)
    • E.g. Tied to IT Governance decisions - prior to triggering the ITSM change management process
    • Determine what level the application/solution is at & where it needs to be based on usage or scope
  • Determining future direction of an application/solution
    • Determine what level the application/solution is at & where it needs to be
  • What’s not impacted
    • The TGF is not meant to be used to make day-to-day tactical and operational decision regarding the delivery of services
      • However, if IST receives multiple requests for an application/solution, it may highlight need for a strategic conversation - e.g. is it time to move the service up a level?