Paul Byrne
  Clinical Professor
Wendy Austin
  Professor Emeritus
Gary Goldsand   Director and
Assistant Clinical Professor 
Brendan Leier     Clinical Ethicist and Assistant Clinical Professor 
Michael van Manen
  Assistant Professor


Name     Position/Title    E-mail 
Stacy Cabral    Information Officer 
Carol Nahorniak    Centre Administrator 

Adjunct Members

Name    Position/Title    E-mail 
Tracey Bailey    Associate Adjunct Professor  
Pamela Brett-MacLean   Associate Adjunct Professor
Peter Brindley    Adjunct Professor
Dawn Davies    Associate Adjunct Professor 
Daniel Garros   Associate Clinical Professor 
Jon Gilchrist
  Clinical Lecturer
Ireh Iyioha   Assistant Adjunct Professor
Heidi Janz    Assistant Adjunct Professor 
Ari Joffe    Clinical Professor 
Doris Kieser    Associate Adjunct Professor  
Diane Kunyk    Associate Adjunct Professor 
Austin Mardon    Assistant Adjunct Professor 
Derek Sellman    Associate Adjunct Professor 
Laura Shanner     Associate Adjunct Professor
Victoria Seavilleklein
  Clinical Lecturer 
Dick Sobsey   Professor Emeritus  
Derek Truscott    Adjunct Professor 
Eric Wasylenko    Clinical Lecturer