Health Ethics Seminars

The seminars focus on emerging issues in healthcare. The speakers are usually affiliated with various healthcare disciplines, programs, and institutions, and have special expertise, practice and/or academic knowledge about specific ethical issues. There are typically three or four seminars in the Fall semester and three or four seminars in the Winter semester. Contact your local Telehealth provider to request a site connection. Most seminars take place from 12:00 - 13:00 MDT/MST in the Dvorkin Centre (2G2.07), Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre.

Schedule & Telehealth Registration for September 2019 - May 2020

Date      Title/Poster          Presenter(s)       AHS iScheduler      Slideshow     Handout      Video
Sept 20     On Reducing Moral Distress in Clinical Practice
      Gary Goldsand
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Nov 22
    Primum non nocere: Tea bags, bees and healthcare ethics

Derek Sellman & Maya Kalogirou

    Online registration
     N/A      N/A
Dec 13
    Ethics and Expressing Objection in Clinical Care
      JDHEC Panel Discussion
    Online registration
     N/A      N/A      N/A
Jan 31
    Caring For Patients Who Don't Care For You
      Andrew D. Ross
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Feb 4
    Extreme Follow-up: Knocking on a Patient's Front Door
      Visiting Speaker: Dr. Matthew Morgan
    Online registration
Feb 14
      Ari Joffe                         
    Online registration                  
Feb 28
    The Difficulties Faced by the Mentally Ill When Incarcerated.
      Austin Mardon & Catherine Mardon
    Online registration                   
Apr 7     TBA       Doris Kieser
    Online registration                  
May 8     TBA       Stewart MacLennan     Online registration