Health Ethics Week

National Health Ethics Week is coordinated by the Canadian Bioethics Society, in collaboration with participating organizations across Canada. It is a time set aside for health organizations, educational institutions, health care professionals, community organizations and members of the general public, to host and take part in educational events that explore health ethics issues. This is an annual initiative of the John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre.


Schedule & Telehealth Registration April 1 - 7, 2019

 Date      Title/Poster     Presenter(s)
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April 2
    Every Breath You Take: Ethical Considerations Regarding Health Care Metrics
    Derek Truscott
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April 5     The Use of Deception in Dementia Care       Jon Gilchrist     Online registration       Slideshow      Handout      N/A

Presentations April 2 - 8, 2018

Date      Title/Poster        Presenter(s)  
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April 4
    Navigating the Zone of Parental Discretion when parents and health care professionals disagree                                                                         Eleanor Stewart  
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April 6
    MAID, Conscience and Catholic Thought
      Doris Kieser  
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Presentations April 3 - 9, 2017

Date       Session Title

 April 3
      The Ethics of Cultural Safety for Indigenous Patients                                                                                                                         
      Helgi Eyford & Chelsea Crowshoe
April 4       Patient Identity, Social Disparities and Harm Reduction:
Towards an Intersectional Approach to Ethical Health Service Delivery
      Ireh Iyioha                                                                
April 4
      Caring for Patients with Substance Use Disorders       Katherine Duthie & Victoria Seavilleklein        
April 4       Where Are We At With MAID Today?
      Colleen Torgunrud, Jim Bell, Stan Galbraith, Cari Richards,
& Jo Hegggerud.  Moderator: Garry Engler

April 5
      Annual Ethics Showdown       Victoria Seavilleklein, Kyle Anstey, Gary Lepine, &
Brendan Leier. Moderator: Kimberley Stever
April 6
      Reducing the Risk of Harm Associated with In-Patient Smoking Behaviours
Alongside Oxygen Supply
      Kyle Anstey        
April 7       Are We Due for an Overhaul of Ethics Reviews Performed by REBs?            
      Karine Morin   
April 7
      A Fresh Look at Moral Distress: Finding the Balance (And Even Joy!) in         
Our Challenging Work
      Colleen Torgunrud & Katherine Duthie        
April 7       The Ethics Labyrinth YYC       Host: ARECCI        



Presentations April 4 - 10, 2016

Date       Session Title

April 5  


Ethics and Challenges of Collecting and Using Healthcare Data in Rehabilitation

      Linda Woodhouse                                                              Video




Presentations March 2 - 8, 2015

Date       Session Title

March 2  


Introduction to Health Ethics                                                                     

      Gary Lepine       Video
March 3       Assisted Suicide - A Panel Discussion       Sturgeon Health Care Centre Ethics Committee       Video
March 4       Seeking Common Ground - Protecting Vulnerable Children
      Child and Family Services and Alberta Children's Hospital
March 6
      First Do No Harm: Still relevant after all these years?
      Eric Wasylenko & Naushin Walji

Presentations March 3 - 8, 2014

Date       Session Title
March 3
      When Should You (Or Your Loved One) Stop Driving       Gary Goldsand, Clinical Ethicist       Video
March 3       Ethics and Harm Reduction       Lee Hackney, Psychologist       Video
March 4
      A Complicated Kindness: Ethics of Assisted Death       Jon Gilchrist, Clinical Ethicist       Video
March 4
      What Medicine & UFOs Have in Common - the Ethical Management of
Unexplained Physical Symptoms
      Chloe Atkins, Associate Professor & Keith Brownell, Neurologist       Video
March 4        Pandemics & Justice: Obligations to the Global Community        Kimberley Stever, Ethics Intern       Video
March 5       Finding Common Ground – Ethical Issues in Caring for Patients from Diverse Backgrounds       Helgi Eyford, Ethics Committee Member        Video
March 5
      Matters of Life and Death: Ethics, Definitions and DCD (Donation after Cardiocirculatory Death)        Brendan Leier, Clinical Ethicist        Video
March 5       Leadership Ethics for Wicked Problems in Turbulent Times       Don Juzwishin, Health Technology Assessment & Innovation Leader       Video
March 6       Let me buy you a coffee: Ethical Issues of Industry Involvement with Physicians/Nurses       Wayne Rosen, Clinical Assistant Professor        Video
March 6       Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers: Understanding and Dealing With Moral Distress       Gary Lepine, Clinical Ethicist       Video
March 6       Conflicts of Conscience & Doing the Right Thing: 
Challenges for Care Providers
      Zoe Bernatsky, Nurse Ethicist       Video
March 7       Queue-Jumping, Fairness and Advocacy:
An Ethical Analysis of Preferential Access
      Lynette Reid, Associate Professor       Video
March 7       Ethical Practice Through Health Professions Governance:
The Role of Accountability Measures
      Ireh Iyioha, Assistant Adjunct Professor        Video