Archived Seminars

September 2020 - June 2021

Date Title/Poster Presenter(s) Slideshow Handout Video
Sept 10 COVID-19: Rethinking the Lockdown Groupthink Ari Joffe N/A N/A Video
Sept 24 Alberta's Bill 30 and the Public-Private Mix of Health Care Delivery Tracey Bailey N/A N/A N/A
Oct 8 Indigenization, Reconciliation and Decolonization in Science Kim Tallbear N/A N/A N/A
Oct 22 Duty to Accommodate: The Ethical Imperative for a Human-Rights-Based Approach to COVID-19 Heidi Janz Slides N/A Video
Nov 5 Telemedicine: Ethical and Practice Issues for Confidentiality of Patient Information Rose Carter Slides N/A Video
Nov 12 Social Determinants of Health and Racism: Health Disparities of Immigrant Children Bukola (Oladunni) Salami and Bonnie Islam Slides N/A Video
Nov 19 Restricted Visiting in Care Settings During CoVID-19 Eric Wasylenko Slides N/A Video
Dec 10 Thoughts and Lessons on Anti-Racist Praxis in Diverse Professions and Organizations Yasmeen Abu-Laban N/A N/A Video
Jan 7 Fighting for a Hand to Hold: Confronting Medical Colonialism Against Indigenous Children in Canada Samir Shaheen-Hussain with Teyohá:te Brant N/A N/A Video
Jan 14 Special Issues for the Seriously Mentally Ill During Pandemic Recovery Austin Mardon and Catherine Mardon N/A N/A Video
Jan 28 Self-care for Caregivers Doris Kieser N/A Document Video
Feb 11 Health Ethics and Dialogue: Can We Agree? Gary Frank N/A Handout Video
Feb 18 Listening to Communities – A Grassroots Approach to Addressing Intimate Partner Violence in Migrant Communities Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika N/A N/A Video
Feb 25 Should Clinicians be Allowed to Refuse Having Their Image or Voice Recorded by Patients or Families? Brendan Leier N/A N/A Video
Mar 11 The Opioid Crisis: What is the Role of Ethics? Charl Els N/A N/A N/A
Mar 25 Never Again? Revisiting Racial Discrimination through a Post-Holocaust Lens Gary Goldsand N/A N/A N/A
Apr 8 Caring in a Time of Contagion: The Silent Danger of Compassion Fatigue Wendy Austin N/A N/A N/A
Apr 15 (in)Tolerance & Pain: Brown Skin, White Coats & Microaggressions Onyenyechukwu Nnorom N/A Reference List N/A
Apr 22 Recommendations for Navigating Moral Distress: The results of a scoping review  Sadie Deschenes Slides N/A Video
May 6 The Ethics of Safe Supply: Opioids and Harm Reduction Katherine Duthie N/A N/A Video
May 27 Anti-Indigenous Racism in Health Systems Wayne Clark N/A N/A Video
June 3 Surviving and Thriving Now That We Are All "Coronials": A 12 step program for medical culture change Peter Brindley N/A N/A Video
June 17 2020 International Recommendations on Brain Death - What is new? Demetrios Kutsogiannis N/A N/A Video
June 24 Trauma-Informed Care in Medical Education and Clinical Practice: 
Creating Space for Courageous Conversations
Sophia Parks Video
 September 2019 - May 2020
Date Title/Poster Presenter(s) Slideshow Handout Video
Sept 20 On Reducing Moral Distress in Clinical Practice Gary Goldsand N/A N/A N/A
Nov 22 Primum non nocere: Tea bags, bees and healthcare ethics

Derek Sellman & Maya Kalogirou

Dec 13 Ethics and Expressing Objection in Clinical Care JDHEC Panel Discussion N/A N/A N/A
Jan 31 Caring For Patients Who Don't Care For You Andrew D. Ross Slideshow Handout Video
Feb 4 Extreme Follow-up: Knocking on a Patient's Front Door Visiting Speaker: Dr. Matthew Morgan Video
Feb 14 Determining Brain Death: The Epistemic Problems Ari Joffe Slideshow Handout N/A
Feb 28 The Difficulties Faced by the Mentally Ill When Incarcerated. Austin Mardon & Catherine Mardon
Apr 7 POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Why Healthcare Professionals Have a Human Right to Freedom of Conscience Christina Lamb

April 2019 - September 2018
Date Presentations Presenter(s) Slideshow Handout Video
Apr 5, 2019 HEALTH ETHICS WEEK - The Use of Deception in Dementia Care Jon Gilchrist Slideshow Handout N/A
Apr 2, 2019 HEALTH ETHICS WEEK - Every Breath You Take: Ethical Considerations Regarding Health Care Metrics Derek Truscott Slideshow Handout Video
Mar 15, 2019 Ableism: The Undiagnosed Malady Afflicting Health Care and Health Ethics Heidi Janz Slideshow Handout Video
Feb 15, 2019 Locked Up or Locked In: Mental Health and Criminal Justice Austin Mardon, Catherine Mardon, Larry G. Anderson N/A N/A N/A
Jan 18, 2019 Parental Refusal of Life-Saving Intervention: A Framework for Management Patrick J. McDonald N/A N/A Video
Sept 21, 2018 Ethics, Intoxication, and Autonomy on 21st Century Life Gary Goldsand N/A N/A N/A
April 2018 - September 2017
Date Presentations Presenter(s) Slideshow Handout Video
Apr 6, 2018 HEALTH ETHICS WEEK - MAID, Conscience, and Catholic Thought Doris Kieser N/A N/A Video
Apr 4, 2018 HEALTH ETHICS WEEK - Navigating the Zone of Parental Discretion when parents and health care professionals disagree Eleanor Stewart Slideshow Handout Video
Mar 16, 2018 On Being Open-minded: Health care practice and the art of being wrong Derek Sellman Slideshow Handout N/A
Feb 16, 2018 Lost in the Shuffle Dick Sobsey Slideshow Handout Video
Feb 1, 2018 The Ethics of Clinical Research: especially when it goes wrong! Visiting Speaker: Ganesh Suntharalingam N/A N/A N/A
Jan 19, 2018 Physicians as Friends? Exploring Boundary Challenges in Clinician-Patient Relationships Gary Goldsand N/A
Dec 15, 2017 Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System: Ethical Challenges Austin Mardon
& Catherine Mardon
N/A N/A Video
Oct 20, 2017 A Case for Treating Clinical Trial Participation as Labour Andrew Ross Slideshow Handout Video
Sept 15, 2017 On Teaching and Evaluating Ethics Competencies in Clinical Education Gary Goldsand Slideshow Handout N/A
April 2017 - September 2016
Date Presentations Presenter(s) Slideshow Handout Video
Apr 7, 2017 HEALTH ETHICS WEEK - Are We Due for an Overhaul of Ethics Reviews Performed by REBs? Karine Morin N/A N/A N/A
Apr 4, 2017 HEALTH ETHICS WEEK - Patient Identity, Social Disparities and Harm Reduction: Towards an Intersectional Approach to Ethical Health Service Delivery Ireh Iyioha Slideshow Handout
Mar 17, 2017 Legal Interventions to Reduce Opiod-Related Mortality: Access to Naloxone Tracey Bailey Slideshow Handout N/A
Feb 17, 2017 Ethical Care for Transgender Patients Katherine Duthie Slideshow Handout Video
Jan 20, 2017 The Ethics of Legalizing Marijuana Charl Els & Sebastian Straube N/A N/A N/A
Dec 16, 2016 Constraints on Harming and Health Care II: The Doctrine of Double Effect Howard Nye Slideshow Handout Video
Dec 9, 2016 Health, Menstruation, and Sexuality: The Christian Tradition and Contemporary Realities Doris Kieser N/A N/A Video
Oct 21, 2016 Constraints on Harming and Health Care I: The Doctrine of Doing and Allowing Howard Nye Slideshow Handout Video
Sept 16, 2016 Missing Links in Mental Health: Lack of effective connection and communication Dennis Anderson N/A N/A Video
May 2016 - September 2015
Date Presentations Presenter(s) Slideshow Handout Video
May 11, 2016 Physician Assisted Death James Downar Slideshow Handout Video
Apr 8, 2016 HEALTH ETHICS WEEK - Ethical Tensions in Rehabilitation: Who wants to talk about the elephant in the room? Shanon Phelan N/A N/A N/A
Apr 5, 2016 HEALTH ETHICS WEEK - Ethics and Challenges of Collecting and Using Healthcare Data in Rehabilitation Linda Woodhouse
(in collaboration with Alberta Innovates Health Solutions)
N/A N/A Video
Mar 11, 2016 Authenticity in the Clinician-Patient Relationship Gary Goldsand


Jan 15, 2016 Ethical Issues in Inner City Health Kathyrn Dong

Dec 11, 2015 Caring: What is it and why does it matter? Gary Frank
Handout Video
Nov 20, 2015 Ethics Theoretical, Ethics Personal Derek Truscott Slideshow Handout Video
Sept 18, 2015 The True Cost of Madness: The cost benefit of a mentally ill life from a person with schizophrenia Austin Mardon & Catherine Mardon



April 2015 - October 2014
Date Presentations Presenter(s) Slideshow Handout Video
Apr 24, 2015 Ethical Theory and the Myth of the Average Patient: A Sorry Tale of Inattentional Blindness Derek Sellman Slideshow Handout N/A
Apr 17, 2015 HUMANIZING MEDICINE: Going Off Script David Diamond N/A N/A Video
Mar 20, 2015 The Ethics and Morality of Clinical Decisions in Neonatal Intensive Care Michael van Manen N/A N/A Video
Mar 6, 2015 First Do No Harm: Still relevant after all these years? Eric Wasylenko & Naushin Walji Slideshow Handout Video
Feb 6, 2015 Influenza Immunization Resistance by Healthcare Professionals Diane Kunyk Slideshow N/A N/A
Dec 12, 2014 Ethical Trends in Health Care Complaints Deborah Prowse Slideshow Handout N/A
Nov 21, 2014 Making Decisions for Seriously Ill Children: Growing Up in Hospital Dawn Davies N/A N/A N/A
Oct 31, 2014 Queue-jumping, Fairness, and Advocacy: Ethical Dimensions of Preferential Access Lynette Reid Slideshow Handout Video
April 2014 - September 2013
Date Presentations Presenter(s) Slideshow Handout Video
Apr 30, 2014 How do We Justify Biomedical Animal Research for Human Benefits Ari Joffe N/A N/A N/A
Mar 21, 2014 Repeat presentation - End of Life Decision-Making and Physician-Assisted Death: Recent Developments Tracey Bailey N/A N/A N/A
7, 2014
Ethical Practice Through Health Professions Governance: The Role of Accountability Measures Ireh Iyioha Slideshow Handout Video
Feb 14, 2014 Organizational Influences on Health Professionals' Experiences of Moral Distress in PICUs Sarah Wall Slideshow Handout
Feb 10, 2014 Advance Mis-Directives: Still in Denial About End-of-Life Planning Laura Shanner N/A
Jan 31, 2014 End of Life Decision-Making and Physician-Assisted Death: Recent Developments Tracey Bailey N/A N/A N/A
Jan 17, 2014 The Curious Case of AHS Homecare versus People with Disabilities: A (Re)Quest for Ethics Heidi Janz Slideshow Handout Video
Nov 15, 2013 Beyond Personal Directives and Goals of Care: Next Steps in the Ethics of Advance Care Planning Gary Goldsand Slideshow Handout N/A
Oct 18, 2013 Are our Medical and Social Systems Skewed Against the Mentally Ill and Disabled Being Married? Austin Mardon N/A N/A N/A
Sep 27, 2013 The Clinical and Ethical Implications of Cognitive Biases Brendan Leier Slideshow Handout Video
March 2013 - March 2010
Date Presentations Presenter(s) Slideshow
Mar 8, 2013 Vulnerable but Reluctant Recipients of Care: Ought There be Limits to our Efforts? E. Wasylenko Video
Feb 15, 2013 Collusion, Resistance, Bearing Witness: Moral Distress and the PICU Team D. Garros & W. Austin Video
Dec 14, 2012 Toward the Goals of Harm Avoidance and Waste Reduction D. Davies Handout
Oct 19, 2012 Integration of Ethical Systems D. Truscott Handout
Dec 9, 2011 Practical Wisdom E. Stewart Handout
Mar 18, 2011 Moral Residue, Moral Distress L. Shanner Handout
Mar 7, 2011 Advance in Genetic Testing D. Sobsey Handout
Feb 18, 2011 Whose Ethics Are They Anyway? H. Janz Handout
Jan 21, 2011 Alberta Health Act M. Marshall Handout
Jan 22, 2010 Disability Parenting and Rights D. McConnell Slideshow
Oct 15, 2010 Disability Ethics D. Sobsey & H. Janz Slideshow
Oct 15, 2010 They Don't Look Disabled To Me L. Shanner Handout
Mar 5, 2010 Relational Ethics & Hope D. Larsen Handout
Mar 2, 2010 Addressing Moral Distress in Caregiving E. Wasylenko Handout
Domestic Violence & Disabilities D. Sobsey Handout
Health Care Reform: Hope, Hype and Having Enough L. Shanner Handout
Conceptual and Ethical Issues D. Sobsey & B. Leier Handout
Adult Guardianship Trusteeship Act Handout
Guardianship and the Law T. Bailey Handout