Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Alumni Association

The faculty’s alumni chapter, Physical Education and Recreation Alumni Association (PERAA) came into fruition in 2005 as a volunteer driven association committed to keeping alumni in touch with each other and informed of news and developments in the faculty.

Our Purpose:
  • Connecting and engaging PER alumni with fellow alumni, students and faculty
  • Building relationships and creating opportunities for networking between alumni, students, friends and faculty
  • Developing a positive influence on students, alumni and faculty
  • Supporting the Faculty to achieve its goals

Our Goals
  • Building a network of alumni and alumni friends
  • Develop the organizational capacity and financial sustainability to achieve our goals
  • Connecting and engaging PER Alumni, students and Faculty
  • Encourage Alumni to make financial contributions to Faculty Student Awards programs

Our Values
  • Respect and inclusivity – for individuals differences, perspectives and beliefs, the right to opt out
  • Integrity – adhering to high personal and ethical standards such as honesty loyalty, taking care of each other
  • Leadership – fostering fair, open and thoughtful decision making that is forward looking, willing to be innovative and creative
  • Sharing – our learnings, mentoring, giving back to the community
  • Healthy living – commitment to individual development in spirit, mind, body and our communities

PERAA's Funding Priorities

A fundamental objective of PERAA is to encourage Physical Education and Recreation alumni to be Active Alumni: active in their respective communities and within the alumni community itself by volunteering time, offering to host an event, being a mentor, or supporting the Faculty in its charitable initiatives.

PERAA has identified supporting students to be its charitable priority. 
There are many ways in which alumni can have an immediate and direct impact on current and future students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation.

Give to Scholarships
  • Make a donation supporting the new PERAA Citizenship Award; a new award funded by alumni.
  • The award acknowledges Physical Education and Recreation students who have demonstrated a commitment to community and global citizenship, and leadership in their field of expertise whilst balancing satisfactory academic standing.

Support the Student Life Enhancement Fund 

This initiative is managed in cooperation with PERCS (Physical Education and Recreation Council of Students) and is used to assist projects that deserve support, but are not funded by the university, such as undergraduate student projects, travel costs of student groups, or other projects that relate to teamwork, communication, management, creativity and the overall student experience in the Faculty.