Climbing Programs

Climbing Programs

Our programs cater to people of all climbing abilities, from novice to high-performance athletes.

We are driven by a passion for climbing and a commitment to promoting the benefits of climbing as a lifestyle. Our Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) Certified Climbing Gym Instructors are experts in everything from basic bouldering to highwall belaying and lead climbing.

New to Climbing


U Intro to Climbing

Designed to introduce new patrons to both bouldering and top-rope modalities of climbing - includes holistic instruction of basic climbing competencies and top rope belay technique.

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U Belay

Prepare to challenge the Wilson Climbing Center top-rope belay test - learn harness set-up, knot tying, safety checks, partner communication, and top rope belay technique.

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Learn 2 Climb (8-12 years) &
FUNdamentals (6-9 years)

Learn to Train Youth Climbers - comfort, confidence, and enjoyment of beginner-level climbers are key outcomes. Programs include climbing games and semi-private coaching that incorporates movement fundamentals, basic skills, and sport-specific conditioning drills for beginner level climbers.

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Learn to Lead


Complete Climber

Develop confident belay skills through a gradual progression of high-wall climbing on both top rope and lead climbing routes, while concurrently improving fundamental bouldering techniques.

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U Lead

Prepare to challenge the Wilson Climbing Center lead belay test - develop competency in clipping techniques, partner communication, safety checks, as well as how to take and catch falls.

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Youth Development Team

Train to Train Youth Climbers - progressive training focused on improving technical climbing skills, sport-specific strength/power/endurance, as well as psychological problem-solving techniques and confidence in novice to advanced level youth climbers.

  • Development Team D (9-14 years)
    Prerequisite: FUNdamentals, Learn 2 Climb, or GGSC.
  • Development Team C (9-14 years)
    Prerequisite: Development Team (D), FUNdamentals, Learn 2 Climb, or GGSC.
  • Development Team B (10-18 years)
    Prerequisite: Top Rope Climbing and Belaying/Development Team (C).
  • Development Team A (10-18 years)
    Prerequisite: Youth Development Team (B) / Lead Climbing

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Climbing Conditioning


Women on Walls

Female-coached lessons include sport-specific strength and conditioning exercises, top-rope belay school, and drills for enhancing power, strength, and endurance in women.

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U Train

Train to climb higher top rope grades via sport-specific power, strength, and endurance drills, as well as climbing-specific strength and conditioning, and warm-up/cool-down exercises.

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U Upgrade

Designed to improve climbing ability in intermediate to advanced climbers (with current lead access) - practice advanced drills in both the lead climbing and bouldering domains.

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Youth Competitive Team (10-18 years)

Train to Compete Youth climbers. Training for (and competing in) Alberta Climbing Association sanctioned youth climbing competitions. Prerequisite: Competitive Team Tryout

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