Climbing Activities

Indoor Rock Climbing 101

Want to utilize the new world class climbing wall but don't really know where to start? University of Alberta students take one of these free 45 minute classes to learn the very basics of what you need to get started. Topics covered will range from climbing equipment to climbing gym etiquette. This course will give you the knowledge you need to start pulling on plastic rocks. All equipment will be provided.

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Knot Tying

Climbers use many types of knots while in the gym, on the rock, or while repairing their shoe laces. Come in for a 45 minute lesson on tying knots. We will teach you how to tie knots to anchor a climber to a rope and how to tie stopper knots for belaying. We will also teach you how to tie outdoor climbing knots.

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U Rappel

An introduction to rappelling for climbers. Our 80-foot Rappel Tower is the premier location to be taught how to set -up and independently rappel. Taught by our certified ACMG Climbing Gym Instructors.

  • Learn the basics including prusik knots, girth hitches, figure 8`s and rappelling techniques
  • No equipment required
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