Maintaining Physical Wellness at Home

Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines are attainable even at home! To achieve 150 minutes of physical activity each week, focus on 10 minute activity breaks. Doing quick bursts of physical activity between classes can help break up long days of working or learning remotely. Choosing outdoor activities can also help you reach these guidelines and enjoy fresh air! Be sure to adhere to the social distancing guidelines while being active outdoors and maintain 2 metres distance between yourself and others. Lastly, if you struggle to work out individually, use technology to your advantage. Use FaceTime or other video conferencing services to connect with a workout buddy and complete a workout together!


Make your own physical activity kit

Make Your Own Physical Activity Kit

It can be challenging to maintain a workout routine without the exercise equipment that you are used to at your usual gym or fitness centre. However, a lot of common household items can be used instead of traditional exercise equipment to allow you to have a good workout at home! Get creative and see what you can come up with in your home to help you break a sweat.


At home workouts

At Home Workout

Not sure which exercises to include in your at home workout? Choose from the list above for a great full-body workout. These can be done with body weight, or you can add free weights, resistance bands, or other household items that you have to make it more challenging. Check out @ualbertafitness on Instagram for video demonstrations of different exercises!


Spell Your Degree Major Workout

Need a break?

Build your own bodyweight workout by spelling your major and completing the exercises that correspond with each letter—from kinesiology to chemistry to marketing and everything in between. Comment on your routine below!